The Apartment

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As i looked at the adress and stood in front of the building. It was right near the water and it was a really nice high rise. As I opened the door I walked across the marble floor it was amazing it didn't have a doorman. As approached the elevator to make sure I had the right floor. As I hit the penthouse button it took it a minute for the elevator to reach the top floor. As it did it sit into two hallways and I took the one to the right as he was in penthouse 1. As I got to the door a sticky note was placed on the door it was weird what it said. "Ms. Bodlin I've gone to Paris, feel free to call if you need to. Isaac." As I read the sticky note I tried the door. It was locked and I didn't want to try breaking the door down because it looked pretty sturdy. I knocked on the neighbors door. A little old lady answered. She looked at me from behind thick glasses. "yes can i help you." she said her voice is calm but it sounded like she was shaking. "hi i'm a friend of isaac's." "isaac doesn't really have friends not since he died." she said cutting me off. "wait who died?" i asked, "his partner eric, he was murdered and left on his family's doorstep and they never found who did it." she said as she closed the door. I turned my head and looked at the door to isaac's penthouse, plan b i guess. 

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