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As I cleaned the rope ignoring the pain of the acid as I cleaned the blood off of it and proceeded to burn the cloth and placed the rope back into my bag. as i closed up my bag i turned on my heel and left and reappeared in my apartment in Boston. As i dropped my backpack I heard it, heartbeats close by, one of the perks of being part vampire and part werewolf was the advanced hearing, a i walked into my kitchen i grabbed a knife and walked over to the bedroom door and pushed it open to see that guy from the student union rifffling through my desk and paling to the color of milk when he saw me. i threw the knife onto my bed as i knew this was going to be short and easy like my advance particle physics final from last semester. as i approached slowly i heard another from behind me from my closet and as i heard him bring his arms down i grabbed them and squeezed a little as they screamed in pain as i broke their arms. They looked familiar and i let the one i broke the arms of go as he crumpled to the floor bleeding all over the cream carpeting and cornered the other one next to my wall with my desk and the wall with my bed's headboard, he looked terrified, about to pee himself as i walked up to him as he shook in fear failing to form words as i slapped him and he hit his head on the wall and i assume lost consciousness from the impact of my slap combined with hitting the wall. I looked over to the other one who was now in my bathroom trying to wash the blood off his arms but failing as he couldn't get his hands to turn the faucets without screaming in pain. I grabbed the back of his collar and sat him on my toilet and walked out to my room and dragged the other one into my living room and plopped him on the leather sectional to recover and walked back to my bathroom as i leaned against my marble counter top now covered in blood and stared at the scared shitless idiot who had broken into my apartment, "now talk" i said my voice going cold, he just sat there bleeding and shaking, "talk if you want me to help you treat your broken arms" i said my words harsh as he looked me terrified of what i was going to do next.

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