magic is wonderful

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Arthur's Perspective:

As i walked into the student housing i stared at the student intern at the reception desk. "can i help you the blonde asked as she typed on the computer. "can i have the dorm and room number for a student, i'm a student here at harvard i told her pulling out my student ID to show her, she looked it over. "who's te student?" she asked. "isaac baron." she paled. "he lives off campus." she told me. "do you have an adress." i asked she typed on keyboard and grabbed a sticky not and folded it in half. and slid it to me. "you did not get this from me." she said to me i pocketed it and left i had class to get too.

as i sat in class i saw him as did everyone else as they walked in as he was the first one in the room. his cold silvery grey eyes staring at the whiteboard as the teacher wrote the topic of the class. this was as economics class and we were learning primarily about macroeconomics. his eyes stayed glued to the white board though his fingers glided over the keys to the keyboard as he typed god knows what onto his computer though it was probably notes. as the class drned on and on isaac kept taking notes and so did i as if we didn't know each other, because we didn't. he didn't know me, but i wonder how am i going to return his water bottle to him. but i did know where he lives.

Isaac's Perspective:

as class ended i got up and rushed out, my friend in the french intelligence ministry is helping me detain the american CIA agents that are there in france holding an american whistleblower to be extradited to America stand trial for breaking the espionage act. as i rushed to my condo and simply stood on my doorstep as I reached into my pocket and pulled out a sticky and attached it to my door and teleported inside. I took off my shoes and carried them to my room and plopped them in front of my closet and walked into the large walk in and reached for my boots and behind them my backpack with everything I need. I pulled my computer out of my school backpack put it in the leather burlap backpack and tied my boots and walked out the door and a second later I was in front of the Eiffel Tower. Magic it's such a wonderful thing i though as i walked towards the CIA safe house. Knowing the Americans are getting what they have coming towards them for killing the only love of my life.

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