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*Sammy and Sonic are fighting once again but next to Tails' plane*

Sammy: That wasn't fair! I crashed into a tree!

Sonic: I still crossed the finish line! You said 'Whoever gets to the finish line first wins!'


Tails: *walks by* What are you guys doing?

Sonic and Sammy: NOT NOW!

Tails: -_-

Ryder: *walks by* No worries fuzzy buddy! I'll settle this! IF YOU TWO DON'T STOP I'LL KNOCK OFF BOTH YOUR HEADS WITH MAH SWORD!

Sonic and Sammy: NO WAY! *starts fighting with Ryder*

Tails: -_- Ryder I thought you were helping?

Ryder: *fighting Sammy and Sonic*

Jett: *pounces on Tails* TAIIILLLLSSSS!!!

Tails: *jumps* AHHH! Jett!?

Jett: *sees Sonic, Sammy, and Ryder fighting* Why is my brother fighting with those two?

Tails: He said he was gonna help.

Jett: I'll do it! *goes to the three of them and grabs Sonic by the quills, Sammy by the tail, and Ryder by the ear* If you three keep on fighting....SO HELP ME I'LL DRAG ALL THREE OF YOU TO THE PIT! GOT IT!?!?!?

Sonic,Ryder,Sammy: O.O *walks off*

Jett: My work here is done.

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