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Cold Talons (Dr. Nefarious x Reader)  by This-Kitten
Cold Talons (Dr. Nefarious x Bramble
You had woken up in a strange place, not where you should've woken up. This place you were now in seemed futuristic, everything but humans being in the place- or Univers...
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  • readerxcharacter
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In my universe (ratchet x witch reader) by kitkat1612
In my universe (ratchet x witch kitkat1612
You are a witch from a wizard school and graduated but then you get transported to the Ratchet and Clank universe will you start to fall in love I do not own Harry Potte...
  • ratchetxreader
  • ratchetandclank
  • ratchet
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A Tinkerbell And Terence Love Story | Completed by Roars_24
A Tinkerbell And Terence Love Boooo!/Zara!
Tinkerbell's the new fairy in Pixie Hollow and she already has a secret admirer. That secret admirer becomes known to her and will her and Terence be together or will he...
  • terebell
  • life
  • silvermist
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Ethereal Gates by Amberdiamondswords
Ethereal Gatesby Amberdiamondswords
As an aging Zoni, Orvus knew that it was time to begin training an heir who would inherit the Great Clock. Thus leading to the birth of XJ-0461, a curious yet smart Zoni...
  • fanfiction
  • orvus
  • ratchetandclank
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Ratchet - Pick Up Lines by ReaderInsRequestKing
Ratchet - Pick Up Linesby ReaderInsRequestKing
This sarcastic Lombaxes pick up lines are getting him nowhere... Fast. I'll take requests for this, why not. Both reader inserts and OC's, will be some smut because I li...
  • readerinsert
  • ratchetxreader
  • ratchetandclank
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Tinkerbell One Shots by Roars_24
Tinkerbell One Shotsby Boooo!/Zara!
Title is self explanatory but still gonna explain for those who don't know. One shots are a series of short stories of people who confess their love for each other. In...
  • magical
  • rosetta
  • terence
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Once In A Memory [ A Ratchet And Clank Fanfiction ] by YumeYumeyo
Once In A Memory [ A Ratchet And YumeYumeyo
[Ratchet and Clank Fanfiction AU] A malfunction at the Great Clock causes our favorite Lombax, Ratchet, to end up in an alternate reality where everything ended up fine...
  • fanfiction
  • alister
  • clank
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ratchet and clank Ratchet X Reader ( Under Edit) by rosie_loves_leo_tmnt
ratchet and clank Ratchet X Rosie Gonzales
What happens when you are watching your favorite movie and you get stuck
  • ratchet
  • clank
  • ratchetxreader
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What a day by turquoiselombax
What a dayby Megan
Disclaimer:I do not own Ratchet and Clank it is owned by Insomniac games
  • ps4
  • fangirl
  • playstation
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His Last Hope by ratchetandnathan
His Last Hopeby Ratchet & Cl--Nathan.
  • ratchetandclank
  • talwyn
  • ratchet
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Ratchet & Clank: Coming Back (Fan Fiction) by CastMagica
Ratchet & Clank: Coming Back ( Grace
RATCHET & CLANK: A CRACK IN TIME SPOILERS AHEAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Ratchet is gone, Clank is on his own, and the Lombax race is back. This is the story of what might...
  • ps3
  • friends
  • clankandratchet
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Somewhere Lost in the Stars Among Us (ON HOLD) by Skyler_Power696
Somewhere Lost in the Stars Goddess Okami
#47 in fanfiction. This whole book is Dedicated to AnaCawisC My Best friend on wattpad. Love ya gurl and read her stories. And she never fails to surprise me. Crescent...
  • cronk
  • nebula
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Ratchet and Clank: The story continues (Book Two) by Kyoto-Chan
Ratchet and Clank: The story Kyoto-Chan
Its been a year since Susie's death and disappearance. a new word around town of a sighting of girl destroying stuff who is this girl?
  • robot
  • clank
  • lombax
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Tinker Bell and the War of Talents by LanaWingfree
Tinker Bell and the War of Talentsby Tundra Blitz
If you are reading this, that means I have failed and Pixie Hollow is in grave peril. My name is Scarab. Many years ago, I created something that I could never have exp...
  • periwinkle
  • disneyfairies
  • silvermist
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Ratchet and Clank:New Faces by Sun_Roxy_Skywalker
Ratchet and Clank:New Facesby Sun_Roxy_Skywalker
  • ratchet
  • clank
  • sister
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The Last Defender  by KyleAlingus
The Last Defender by KyleAlingus
In the world of Remnant, life is hard but the life of a faunus is harder. With her entire race wiped out, a girl will have to avenge her race by ending the discriminatio...
  • futa
  • gxg
  • ratchet
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Where it Began by AssassyArt
Where it Beganby Assassy
Hiding from the Biobliterator, Ratchet lives as an exile, running from the entire robotic kind. With his best friend captive, his only hope is to jump from planet to pla...
  • love
  • ratchetandclank
  • cooper
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Part of the Family by Amberdiamondswords
Part of the Familyby Amberdiamondswords
It's Fathers Day, and everyone in the Solana Galaxy, even the Galactic Rangers, are excited to celebrate with their own fathers. But there's one person who cannot be exc...
  • ratchet
  • ratchetandclankfanfiction
  • ratchetandclank
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A Squishy Upgrade - A ratchet and clank Fanfiction by RedTerrorexe
A Squishy Upgrade - A ratchet Red_Terror.exe
First off! This story takes place two months after the game All 4 one. If you haven't played it or watched through the cutscenes, I recommend you do so before reading th...
  • lombax
  • characterdevelopment
  • captianquark
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Ratchet and Clank: The Warrior's heart by Mindi_the_lombax
Ratchet and Clank: The Warrior's Mindi Evris
"The names Mindi, Mindi Kaitlin Evris and I'm the younger sister of Ratchet, the hero that managed to everyone in that Galaxy except his little sister." Mindi...
  • adventure
  • kadensdaughter
  • action
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