Questions Kat Asked Me

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Okay so I'm back with the questions (I should make my very own questions book) anyway Kat gave me 5. Birthday questions and said everyone should ask me questions for my birthday. (Kat stop copying Emo Kid -_-) anyway idk if ya want to or not but eh I gotta answer these.

1. Who's your fav Sonic character other than Sonic?


2. Your fav Ratchet and Clank character?

Answer 2. JETT! Wait that isn't an answer? :( dang it.

3. Fav Sly Cooper Character?

Answer 3. Alice! Or wait no? Then Sly...

4. Fav Pokemon?

Answer 4. ZORUA!!!!!! (me loves foxes :3) [fav animal]

5. What do ya wanna do on your birthday?

Answer 5. Draw Jett if she never died and didn't have the Lunar Vex.

So yeah that's it. If ya want ask questions cuz I don't care but anyway...


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