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*Jett and Tails are cuddling together on the couch >w<*

KK: *walks in* Hey guys!

Jett: *deathglare*

KK: .....o-kay

*someone knocks on the door*

Sonic: I got it! *opens door*

*Eggman, Nefarious, and Prof. W are at the door XP*

Eggman: Hi Sonic!

Sonic: *slams door* O_O Eggman and 2 other creeps are at the door...

Jett: Who's Eggman?

Tails: -_- u don't want to know...

Ratchet: Well I'll just see *opens door*

Nefarious: Hello Squi- I mean Ratchet...

Ratchet: *slams door* O_O Nefarious is here....

Jett: >:( What!? *pulls out her gun* That no good-

Prof. W: *opens door* Hello?

Alice: *pops out of nowhere and slams the door* O_O don't open the door....

Jett: Okay so 2 of the 3 people here I don't know who they are...

Tails: -_- Last time Eggman stayed with us... I got serious short term memory loss.

Jett: That bad? And the other guy?

Alice: The guy is freaky! He carries a needle to draw blood at all times!

Ratchet: O_O I'm officially scared...

Jett: *opens door* What do u want....

Eggman: Who the heck are you?

Jett: I'm Jett...

Prof. W: What kind of name is that!?

Jett: -_- u serious?

Eggman: Where did Sonic go? And if u don't answer....THIS WILL HAPPEN!!!! *makes his robots appear*

Jett: More robots? MORE ROBOTS!? C'mon I've handled stuff like this more that u think I have!

Eggman, Nefarious, and prof. W: O_O *run away*

Jett: Aw man! I didn't get to use my gun!

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