Random Jails Takes (Jett x Tails)

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Take 1:

*takes is working on the Tornado and Jett creeps in*

Jett: *pounces on Tails and hugs him from behind* OMG FLUFFY I LUV U SO MUCH!!!

Tails: *gets scared and faints*

Jett: Too much luv?

Take 2:

*Tails decides to invent bracelets for Jett that help control her powers*

Tails: Jett I made u something!

Jett: What is it?

Tails: This! *pulls out the bracelets* there so u can control your powers!

Jett: *puts them on* Aww thank u Tails *hugs him*

Tails: *blushing* your welcome!

Take 3:

Jett: *kisses Tails*

Tails: *blushes like crazy*


More Jails moments are to come XD

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