Water Park

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Cory: Hey guys I got the greatest idea ever!

Sonic: What is it?

Cory: Lets go to a WATER PARK!!!

Everyone: YESSSS!!!!

Sonic: Noooo

~water park~

Jett: Hey Tails let's go on the water slide!

Tails: Okay!

Cory: C'mon Ratchet let's go swimming!

Ratchet: I'm comin!

Rocket: *looks at Sonic* Why aren't you having fun?

Sonic: *in shades* I hate water...

Sammy: *randomly appears* WATER BALLOON FIGHT!!!!! *throws a water balloon at Sonic*

Sonic: SAMMY!!!! *runs after Sammy*

Sammy: Yo Sonic u forgot my last name is SPEED!!!*runs* (it is XD)

Sonic: *slips and lands in the kiddie pool*

Everyone: XD

Sonic: >:( SAMMMY!!!!!!

Sammy: *sticks his tongue out at Sonic*

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