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*everyone is watching a movie and SH appears*

SH: Sup y'all!!!!

Alice: Your talking like my ancestor Tennesee -.-

SH: *holding a soccer ball* Wanna play guys?

Everyone: *looks at each other*

~20 min later~

*girls vs boys*

Jett: HEY CORY!!!! PASS!!! *kicks it to Cory*

Cory: *the ball is taken by Sonic* aww man!

Sonic: I got it! Now to u Sammy! *kicks the ball*

Sammy: I got it! I got it! *gets hit in the face*

Everyone: O.O WTF?

Sammy: MY F***ING GAWD DAMN FACE!!!!!!

Everyone: *falls on the floor laughing* XD

Sammy: -_- I hate all of you

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