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*lol Ratchet is on Jett's laptop*

Ratchet: *looks at a photo* What the heck is this!?

Jett: *walks in* What?

Ratchet: *shows her all kinds of photos of (Tails x Cream) and (Tails x Cosmo)*


Ratchet: -__- u said it was wrong that people couldn't have guns....

Jett: Cream is innocent! I don't see how she gets into this.... And who the heck is Cosmo!? Just....why? WHY TELL ME!!!!

Ratchet: Don't know people shipped u and me for a while....and u and Ryder.

Jett: That's wrong...the me and Ryder. U and I could see it!

Ratchet: O__O What!?

Jett: Well we both like guns!

Ratchet: true but what do u and Tails have in common? And why should people ship that?

Jett: We both have a tail issue!

Ratchet: I never noticed that...

Jett: U suck! Besides what appears when I type my name on the Internet... *types Jett Azimuth* The f*** LYRA APPEARS NOT ME!?!?!

Ratchet: What?

Jett: Lyra u are nice and all but u took my fame -_- seriously... It says TeamEmoKid drew me.....EMO KID IS NOT MY CREATOR IDIOTS!!!!

Ratchet: *facepalms*

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