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"Mate, what's wrong? You're completely out of your element." Calum tells me.

"Sorry. Just have a lot of my mind. This teaching thing really takes up my life." I chuckle.

"Are you thinking about that girl again?" Michael asks.

"Yeah, isn't she your student?" Luke asks.

"Yes she is my student and yes I'm thinking about her and yes maybe I like her but what does it matter? I'm her teacher for crying out loud. She probably wouldn't even go out with it. It would be weird to her." I say.

"Okay guys, enough of the love crap. We have a gig tonight remember?" Luke says and we all nod.

We practice for hours before taking a break and ordering a pizza. Once the pizza arrives, we all sit on the couch and turn the TV on.

"So tell us about this student of yours. Since you're so into her." Mikey says.

"I'm not that into her. Yeah she's pretty great but I just met her a couple days ago. I will say this though. She applied to perform at the fall jam the college is having and she asked me to help her." I say, taking a bite out of my pizza.

"Are you gonna sleep with her?" Calum asks.

"No! Okay maybe I haven't gotten laid in a while but what does it matter? I'm no the type to just fuck and go. I want to get to know her. Help her win the first place prize at the jam. We'll just see where it goes."

*Gig Time*

"You guys ready?" I ask as they all nod in agreement. We do our before the show ritual and run out onto the stage. I get behind my drums and bang them. The others get in their spots and we begin the first song.

"How are we doing LA?!" I yell as we finish our first song.

"We are 5 Seconds of Summer and pretty knew at this gig stuff so enjoy and please don't leave." I laugh as we begin our next.

...Call me lucky 'cause in the end
I'm a six and she's a ten
She's so fit, I'm insecure
But she keeps coming back for more...

We perform 5 songs in all before saying goodnight to the audience and running off stage to the small backstage area, we get ourselves cleaned up and a throw a towel around my neck before we head out. That's when I see her.

"Lacey? What are you doing here?" I ask with a smile as I walk over to her.

"My roommate heard about a free concert tonight and wanted to go. I didn't realize it was your band though." She says.

"Yeah. Gotta start somewhere right?" I ask and she nods.

"You guys were really amazing though. Like you could honestly make it. Play stadiums even if you wanted." she tells me and my eyes widen.

"Stadiums? Thanks for the confidence but I don't think we're that good." I laugh.

"Hey, you never know." She smiles.

"Thank you for coming. It meant a lot. Really. Hey, before I go. We are still on for tomorrow right? I mean, with me helping you rehearse for the jam." I ask hesitantly.

"Of course. Wouldn't miss it for anything." She says making me smile.

I wrap her up into a hug before we go or separate ways.


This chapter kinda sucked so I'm sorry I know I suck at writing!

This story has gotten a little more reads which is so amazing! Please keep reading, voting, commenting and sharing!!


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