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Beep... Beep... Beep

I smack my alarm off and groan as I slowly get up out of bed. I walk into the bathroom and take a quick shower. I get out and dry myself off, putting on underwear and a tank top as I do my hair and makeup.

I srunch my hair so it doesn't frizz and stays wavy, I also do my normal make up. I walk back into my room and pick out white skinnies with a light pink blouse with rhinestones on the collar. I put on a long necklace with a cross hanging from it and slip on my black stilettos.

"Wow. Someone's trying to impress a certain someone." I hear Theresa say as she gets out of bed.

"You're kidding yourself. Can I not just look good for my own being?" I laugh as I spray some perfume onto myself.

"Hey, I'm going by the Starbucks on campus on the way to class. Wanna tag along?" I ask.

"Nah, today is a super lazy day for me so I'll be lucky if I'm even on time to class. Thanks for the offer though." Theresa laughs as she disappears into the bathroom.

I grab my things and walk out of our room. I grab a White Chocolate Frappe on the way to class. I walk into the building my chorus class is in and walk into the classroom. It's empty and dark. I turn the lights on and notice no one is in here. I guess I am a tad bit early. I decide to play a little something on the piano. I mean, no one's here right? What more could it hurt. I sit at the piano and my fingers start pressing the keys.

This is real
This is me
I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be now
Gonna let the light, shine on me
Now that I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me.

"You truly have amazing talent. The kind only people are born with." I hear an Australian accent say.

I blush and become embarrassed. I must have been so caught up in the song I didn't notice anyone come in.

"Thank you. And I'm really sorry about playing while no-one was in here." I say back.

"Don't worry about it. With that kind of voice, I would be showing off too." he smiles.

"I wasn't trying to show off." I say, kind of offended.

"Oh, I know. Just a joke." Mr. Irwin laughs as he takes a seat beside me.

"But I'm serious. You have an amazing voice and play piano like you were born to. And I know it's only the second day of class, but there is this concert type thing that have each season. This one is the Fall Jam and it happens right here on campus. I think you should take part in it." he tells me and my mouth drops.

"Me? You want me to sing at the jam?" I ask shocked.

"Yeah, and if you like it, you can do the others. There's the Fall Jam, Winter Jam, Spring Jam, and Summer Jam. It's cheesy I know but it's something that happens in between class breaks so students can get some stress off of their shoulders." he tells me.

"It sounds amazing. But, I just don't know if I'm cut out for it." I say truthfully.

"I can always help you if you need it. Just think about it okay?" he asks and I nod.

Mr. Irwin kisses me on the cheek and I blush, quickly getting up to sit at my seat as students start piling in and class begins.

My day goes better than the previous, if that's possible. Still not having any homework, I decide to go back to my dorm and look up this jam they are soon to be having.

I go to the school website and see it on the main page. I click on the link as it takes me to another page. I read over the information and instantly become interested. All you do is fill out an online application so they can save you a spot and you get to perform a song of your choice. There will be a winner for most talented. Or a third, second and first place. I click on the application and fill it out. I know it will take a lot of practice, but I'm up for the challenge.

"Hey Mrs. Irwin" Theresa teases as she enters the room.

"Okay, you have officially gone crazy." I laugh. "But there's something I shouldn't tell you but I have to"  I finish.

"Ooo. Spill" She says.

"So I went into class early today and since there wasn't anyone there I decided to play the piano a bit. Well, Mr. Irwin heard me as he walked in so he sat next to me and talked to me about entering the Fall Jam. He also kind of kissed me on the cheek." I say.

"What! He kissed you on the cheek?!" She asks and I nod.

"It probably doesn't even mean anything! Probably just an Australian thing." I say.

"I guarantee you, he has a thing for you!" She says excitedly and I shake my head.

I put my laptop to the side and walk into the bathroom. I once again, throw my hair up into a messy bun and take my make up off. I change into pajamas and walk back into the bedroom, getting into bed. I plug my phone in and scroll on it until my eyes get too heavy. I set my phone on the night stand next to my bed and slowly drift off to sleep.



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