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"Are you ready to go sweetie?" Viv asks me.

"Yeah just let me grab my jacket." I say as I run upstairs, grabbing my jacket then running back down.

We get into the car and drive half an hour to the doctors office. As soon as we pull up I know it's a gynecologist office instead of the old everyday clinic.

"Isn't that Ashton's car Lace?" Becca asks me.

"Oh yeah. I kinda asked him if he would be here with me. For support. You know, since they have to check me out and everything." I say as I slowly get out of the car and they nod.

"Hey beautiful." Ashton says as I walk up to him.

"Hey handsome" I reply with a smile and wrap my arms around him.

We all walk into the office and sit in the waiting room as I fill out too much paper work. Once I'm done they call me back, I choose to take Ashton back with me.

"Lacey Adams, hi I'm Dr. Stephens and will be taking care of you today. Are you here for a particular reason or just for a check up." Dr. Stephens asks me.

"Um well, I'm wanting to get on birth control. So I guess that's the reason I'm here." I slightly laugh.

"Okay, well have to check you out physically and go through a series of questions. I'll leave the room to get you get ready and comfortable." Dr. Stephens says as he walks out of the room.

"Why am I so nervous?" I ask as I start to undress and put on the gown laid out for me.

"It's something new you're experiencing. Don't hesitate. I'll be here right with you." Ashton says and I nod.

The doctor soon walks back in and sits down, typing some things on his computer before starting the series of questions.

"Okay, I'm going to start with the questions and then do the exam." he says and I nod.

"Are you currently sexually active?" he asks.


"The last time you had sex was?" he asks.

"Last night." I answer.

"Have you and your partner been tested for STDs?" he asks.

"We haven't. And we don't necessarily plan on it." I answer.

"Do you use protection? If so, how often?" he asks.

"We always plan to, but there might be a slip here and there. " I answer.

"Okay, I'll need to run some papers on you from your parents so I know your background history. I know you're adopted with foster parents but with their permission I can still have access to your life before then." he says before once again walking out.

• • •

"You've been through a lot in your life haven't you?" he asks as he walks in with papers in hand.

"Yeah, it's been rough." I answer.

"Well, now we will do your physical exam and I should know what kind of birth control will be most effective for you." he says and I nod.

He tells me why position he needs me in and I follow his instructions. I lay down on the bed like table with my legs lifted, Ashton is sitting on the table beside me, holding my hand.

"Well everything looks normal but I will need to do an ultrasound to confirm one more thing." he says, I instantly become worried.

I sit back up on the table and look at Ashton with worried eyes.

"I'll need you to follow me down the hall into the ultrasound room." he says and I nod.

He walks outside of the room, letting me get dressed before we leave and walk down the hallway to another room. I lay down on the table and lift my shirt exposing my belly. He squirts the cold gel on my stomach and moves the machine around, looking at the screen.

"Just as I thought." he says as I wipe the gel off my stomach and slowly sit up.

"Lacey, I'm sorry to tell you but you are unable to conceive." he tells me.

"W-what?" I ask, tears brimming my eyes.

"The heavy drug, alcohol and smoke use your parents used while your mother was pregnant caused you to be born extremely early and therefore not all organs could be completely formed. Unfortunately your reproductive system never completely formed leaving you unable to conceive. Now we can still get you on birth control to regulate your periods, but other than that I see no reason you should be on it." he tells me.

"Um, yeah I think I'm good. Actually. We'll just he going. Thank you." I say before walking out.

"Lace." Ashton says quietly, putting his hand on my back.

I shake my head and walk out into the waiting room. Viv and Becca quickly get up and walk to me sensing something wrong but I just shake it off and walk out.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" I quickly ask Ashton when he meets me outside.

"Yeah of course." he answers.

"Lacey what's wrong? You walked in to get birth control and walked out in a completely different mood." Viv asks me.

"I'm not getting on birth control. There's no use for it if I can't get pregnant anyways. I'll explain it all later, I just want to go over to Ashton's and relax. I'll text you guys." I say before getting into Ashton's car.

Ashton gets into the car and drives 45 minutes to his house. Once we arrive, we walk in and I immediately go upstairs to his bedroom. I take off my clothes and change into an old t-shirt of his before wrapping myself in blankets in the bed.

"Babe. You can't blame yourself you know." Ashton says softly as he walks to me.

"I know. I'm not blaming myself. I'm blaming them. The people who gave me life but didn't care enough for me to be able to bring life into the world." I say.

Ashton walks to the bed and gets in beside me, pulling me close.

"I know it's hard. I know you wanted a big family. You could always adopt." he says.

"It won't be the same. I won't be able to feel the miracle of pregnancy and how it feels to he the one who brings a human being into the world." I say, a tear falling down my cheek.

"You never know. Maybe a miracle will happen."



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