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"Have you thought about finding your birth parents and meeting them?" Ashton asks as he runs his fingers through my hair.

"Of course I've thought about it I just can't. My foster parents made an agreement in order for them to sign the papers over or something. Like they're not allowed within a certain amount of feet of me or something. I think that's a load of bull." I tell him.

"Maybe you should talk to them about it. Spring break is coming up so you'll be back home for a week." he says and I nod.

"Yeah I guess so. I'll think about it. I should go, I have a test to study for." I say before getting up and kissing Ashton before leaving back to the dorm.


Once Lacey leaves, I walk downstairs and start cooking lunch for myself, since she wasn't hungry when she was over. Once I'm finished, I soon hear a knock at the door.

"Since when do you guys knock?" I chuckle as three guys pile in once I open the door.

"We didn't know if Lacey was still here or not so we wanted to give a warning." Luke says.

"Well thanks I guess. But she left a few minutes ago, had a test to study for." I say and they nod.

"Have you told her yet?" Calum asks and I shake my head.

"I don't know how to and I don't think now is the best time considering we just got back together. I can't blow big news on her like that." I say.

"You need to tell her soon. Summer is just around the corner. And you don't want to tell her last minute." Michael says and I nod.

"Yeah I know. I'll tell her at the right time. Don't worry. Come on, let's go rehearse."



"Guys I'm home!" I yell as I enter my foster home.

"Hi sweetie, how has second semester gone so far?" Becca asks as she hugs me.

"Great. Just fantastic" I say sarcastically receiving a laugh from my foster mother.

I walk upstairs and into my bedroom, as I unpack my things for the week.

"Oh my gosh you're back!" Bella says, running to me.

"Only for the week" I say.

"Yeah, it's everyone's spring break remember?" She asks and I nod.

"Why are you getting all fancied up at this time of night anyway?" I ask.

"Ella and I have dates tonight. Double date with twins who are extremely cute." She says walking back into the shared bathroom.

"Yeah that's not dangerous" I laugh to myself.

*Two Hours Later*

I walk downstairs and peek into the living room, seeing mom's cuddling on the couch watching a movie, I smile at the sight hoping one day I'll be Ashton and I.

"Hey love, what are you doing up?" Viv asks me, noticing me in the stairwell.

"Oh um, I was wondering if I could talk to you guys for a sec?" I ask.

"Yeah of course. Come sit down. What's on your mind?" Viv asks me once again.

"I was wondering about my birth parents. I know you guys don't want me seeing them and I completely understand and respect that but I am nearly 19. I feel like it should be my right to atleast meet them" I say to them with hope in my eyes.

"I see where you are right. We both see that. But sweetheart. I just don't know. I don't think I feel comfortable with you seeing them." Viv tells me.

"I get it, I do. And I won't go alone. Ashton will come with me and you know how protective he can get over me. And Viv you're a cop, so if you're there atleast they can't get away with anything anyway. Both of you could come if you wanted." I tell them and they nod in thought.

"Let mama and I think over it and we'll let you know tomorrow okay? Go get some sleep." Viv tells me and I nod, getting up and walking upstairs back to my bedroom.

The Next Morning

"I don't know, they'd said they'd think about it and get back to me on it. I have to get downstairs for breakfast before they suspect and catch me talking about them. I'll text you later." I say to Ashton before hanging up and walking downstairs.

"Where is everyone? Tables usually full by this time." I say as I sit down.

"Ella and Bella went out with their friend just a few moments ago and Josh has been out all night with his girlfriend. So it's just you and us love bug." Viv says and I nod.

"Also, mom and I talked about what you said last night. We have to get in contact with your parents and have a lawyer just incase but we think it would be good if you saw them." Becca says and a smile crosses my face.

"Really? Oh my gosh thank you! When can we do it?" I ask.

"Well it takes a bit. But since you're only here for the week we can make it happen for sure no later than Friday. It's just court stuff we have to do prior. It's for your safety." Viv says and I nod.

"I'm going out with Ashton today and most likely staying with him tonight, but if you guys need me for anything, you can call me. And thank you, really this means so much" I say hugging them both before leaving and meeting Ashton down the street.

"Did you talk to your foster parents this morning?" he asks me as I approach him.

"Yeah. And they said it wouldn't be until the end of the week because of the court stuff but they said yes. I get to meet my birth parents." I say with a smile on my face.

"That's great! I'm so excited for you." Ashton tells me as he pulls me into a hug.

"I want you to come with me. Will you?" I ask. He nods.

"Of course."



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