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"Call me lucky cause in the end.. " I mumble to myself as I write lyrics down.

"Hey stranger." Lacey says as she pops up beside me, making me jump slightly.

"Oh hey. How are you?" I ask as I kiss her lips.

"Better now. Is that a song your writing?" She asks as I nod. "Can I hear it pretty please?" She asks.

"No, it's a surprise. Honestly, it's my solo and it's based off of you." I tell her.

"That's so sweet." She smiles. "When do I get to hear it?" She asks.

"Well we do have a gig coming up. Maybe it'll be one of the ones we play." I say with a wink earning a smile and a slight blush from Lacey.

"Well, I came by to remind you about our date today. You didn't answer any of my texts." She tells me. I mentally curse to myself.

"Shit Lacey, I'm so sorry. I've been so busy between class and writing songs I forgot to save our reservation. But I promise I'll make it up to you. Why don't I make us a nice dinner and pop in a movie and maybe we can rehearse that song of yours since the jam is next month?" I ask hopefully.

"That sounds more perfect than ever" She answers with a smile.

"Um, I'll go ahead and let you set up. I'll go back to my dorm and get ready. Could I borrow your car? I kinda took a cab to get here and don't really want to take one back." She explains.

"Yeah sure, I trust you. Be careful okay?" I ask as I press my lips to hers. She nods in response and walks out, grabbing the keys on her way.

I grab my phone and quickly send a text to my three band mates.

Me: Hey lads. Lacey just went back to her dorm to get ready, I have an hour to set up before she gets back. Please come help?

Luke: Sure mate! Be right over.

Cal: Yeah, absolutely!

Mikey: Why help set up when you'll be focusing on one thing only hmm? But okay I'll help.

I shake my head at Mikey's response and put my phone on the coffee table as I start getting things ready.

"Ashton we're here!" I hear Luke yell as three boys pile into my house.

"Hey guys! Just set up the living room. Pull out the bed in the couch, try and make it romantic. I know you guys have a romantic side somewhere I you." I tell them as I start cooking a romantic dinner.

"Why do you need the couch bed out when you have a bedroom?" Mikey asks.

"There's a TV in here with Netflix that's not in my room. Plus if we're having a date here, I want it to be special. One day you boys will understand." I say.

"Yeah okay. Since when will girls be falling all over me? I don't see it happening." Luke says.

"Because you never go out anywhere and express yourself. Look around in the crowd more often at our next gig. You never know, your future wife just might he a fan in the crowd." I tell him with a smile.

*One Hour Later*

"Hey, I'm ba-- wow. You did all of this?" Lacey asks as she sets the keys down and walks into the living room.

"I might have had some help. Just a little." I say and she smiles.

"Well it's beautiful. Even if it is just your living room." She says with a smile, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Why thank you." I say wrapping my arms around her waist and pressing my lips to hers.

We walk into the kitchen and sit at the table and eat dinner. Our conversations ranging from school to gigs. Once we finish I clean up with Lacey insisting she help. Once we finish we walk into the living room and lay on the couch bed and choose a movie on Netflix.

"So my foster sister knows about you." She says out of the blue.

"Really?" I ask. She nods.

"Well a lot of people know I'm dating someone they just don't know who. Like my foster parents and siblings. They all know I'm dating someone but I didn't tell them who. My foster sister just got it out of me one night. She won't tell anyone. It's just, I think it is time I tell everyone. Family wise. They'll be at the jam next month." She says.

"Well, I love that they're supporting you with the jam. And I would love to meet all of them if they don't kill me first." I chuckle.

"You're only two years older than me so I know they won't. It's just the teacher title." She says and I nod understandingly.

"You know I still want to hear that solo of yours that you were working on today." She says making me laugh.

"You just won't give up will you?" I ask and she shakes her head with a smile.

I put my arm around her, pulling her closer to me. I feel her arms wrap around me making me smile. I intertwine my fingers with hers before softly singing in her ear.

Call me lucky cause in the end
I'm a six and she's a ten
She's so fit, I'm insecure
But she keeps coming back for more

"That's it?" She asks and I nod.

"Being the drummer I don't get many solos. It's harder to sing and play drums than it looks. But when I do get a solo I put feeling into it. Making sure it means something." I tell her.

"Do you really feel that way about this relationship? Because you're a freaking 500 and I'm like a negative 3. You shouldn't even be insecure. You're more fit than I will ever be." She tells me.

"Yeah okay, all of that was just a lie. Lacey Marie Adams. You are the most perfect human being on this planet. You're so amazing and please don't let anyone ever tell you different." I tell her and she nods.

"Do your mom know about me?" She asks.

"She does. As does my sister and brother. They also know that you're my student but don't let that alarm you. They are judgemental free and excited to meet you whenever you're ready. They'll be at the jam too because my band is actually playing. We're kicking the show off." I answer.

"What? 5 Seconds of Summer is playing at the jam? Since when and when we're you going to tell me?" She asks.

"We just got told a few weeks ago. I was going to tell you tonight." I answer.

"Well I'm happy for you guys. And maybe since both of our families will be there and it's the end of the semester, we can all meet. Go out to eat or something." She says and I nod in agreement.

I feel Lacey lay her head on my chest and moves herself so she's comfortable. I move both of us so we're in the same position but more comfortable. Her steady breathing tells me she's fallen asleep. I run my hand lightly up and down her back, kissing her head before quickly whispering into her ear.

"I love you"


This sucked I'm sorry and it took like two or three days to write so yeah.


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