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"So the jam is coming up soon. Just curious how many of you applied?" Mr. Irwin asks the class.

Half the class raised their hand including me. And nodded at each of the students and slightly smiled once his eyes met mine.

"You signed up? Talk about no talent" Natalie laughed in disgust.

"Natalie, that won't be tolerated in this classroom." Mr. Irwin says firmly making me snicker.

The clock goes off in the classroom signaling class is over. We all get up and pack our things into our bags before leaving.

"Lacey. Can I speak with you a moment?" Mr. Irwin asks before I walk out the door. I nod and slowly walk back to him.

"You hesitated before raising your hand a minute ago. What's wrong?" he asks me.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just having second thoughts maybe." I say.

"I know how this feels. It's your first time singing in front of a lot of people. And an original song too. Most people will be singing covers if not all. But I promise you have nothing to worry about. You're one of the best singers in this class and one with the strongest vocals." he tells me.

"And I believe you on that. Ash I really do. I know for the past month and a half I've been working so hard on this song and the jam is just a little over a month away. I just. I'm not sure if it's for me exactly." I admit.

"It's for you. I know that. I also know you love it. Don't give up please. For me?" he asks making a pouty puppy dog face. I sigh giving him a smile.

"Okay fine. I'll go through with it. But only because you want me too." I say.

"Thank you! Oh, I'm going over to Mikey's today to rehearse. Would you wanna come with? We could all hang out and jam again. It'll be fun" he says.

"Yeah of course. I'll text you when I'm on my way to the place we meet." I say and he nods, pulling me into a hug. I hug him back and walk out of the room.

"Oo someone has a thing for their teacher." Natalie says as I walk outside of the room.

"Shut up Natalie no I don't. He was talking to me about the song I chose for the jam." I say, trying to ignore her.

"I saw what went on in there and the way you looked at him." She says.

"Well he looked at me in the same way. Does that bother you?" I say in a teasing voice.

She doesn't say anything. Instead she stops on her tracks and looking at me like I was an alien.

"What? Jealous he likes me better than you?" I ask with a smile before walking away.

• • •

"Pizza's here!" I yell as three boys run upstairs and take over the pizza on the table.

"Where's Ashton? Did you guys kill him or something?" I ask as I walk downstairs.

"If I were you, I would grab a piece before it's devoured by them upstairs." I laugh and he nods.

"What's wrong?" I ask, sitting next to him on the couch.

"Nothing. I've just been thinking a lot lately. About you and me." he tells me.

"What about us? I mean we aren't dating or anything." I say.

"Yeah I know. That's kind of the issue. From the day we spent at the lake I have fallen for you each and every day since." he tells me.

"You want us to go out?" I ask, shocked.

"Yeah. Lacey, I really really like you."

"I like you too Ashton. I really do. But what about class?" I ask.

"There's two months left. I'm not sure if I'll still teach after this semester or not. We just have to fake it for two months on campus." he says.

"Okay. I'll go out with you." I nod.

He smiles and leans in to kiss me, making me fall back onto the couch.

"Whoa. You chose that over pizza?" Calum says, getting a glare from both of us.

"I'm kidding. So you finally asked her out huh? It's about time!" Calum says making me blush.

"I did and now you're ruining the moment so get out. Please." Ashton says cracking a smile.

"Okay love birds." Calum says before walking back upstairs.

"It's getting late, I better get going back to campus." I say.

"I'll drive you to our meeting place." he says and I nod.

We get up and walk upstairs, saying buy to the others as we leave. We drive half an hour to our meeting place, before he let's me out.

"I'll see you bright and early?" he asks and I nod.

He leans down and kisses me once again. This kiss was different then the others we've had. This one was sweet and passionate but needed at the same time.





This sucked I'm sorry. Even though no-one is reading this story, I'm still gonna write it because I like it idea of it. Maybe it'll get more reads in the future!

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