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"You slept with him didn't you?" Theresa asks as I walk into our dorm room.

"What even are you talking about?" I laugh as I sit on the edge of my bed.

"Well first off, you left Saturday morning and it is now Sunday afternoon, plus that's not your shirt." She says looking at me.

"Okay, so I stayed at his place. So what?" I ask, shrugging.

"Soo.. How was he in bed?" She asks, raising an eyebrow making me sigh.

"I slept with him, okay? And it was so amazing. Better than words to be exact. And before you say anything, I started it. I don't know, it was dark and romantic and something both of us haven't had in a while. It's just something we both needed but it meant so much." I explain.

"Someone's in looooove" Theresa laughs and I just shake my head.

"So. What are you singing for the thing we have in class tomorrow?" I ask Theresa quickly changing the subject.

"I think I'll skip. Have you seen how many people are in that class?" She asks.

"Yes. And believe it or not you have an amazing voice. Show 'em what you got." I tell her.

"I don't know Lacey. I just don't know." Theresa says back.

"If you do it, I'll introduce you to Michael Clifford." I tell her with a smile.

"Who's that?" She asks.

"I've shown you a picture. He's in the band with Ash. Plays the guitar, sings. Always dyes his hair." I say.

"Oh right! He's cute. Okay fine. I'll do it. But only because I get to meet him." She says and I nod and okay.

• • •

"Theresa get up! Today is the singing competition in class! You don't wanna miss out on Mr. Michael Clifford do you?" I ask trying to wake Theresa up.

"Is he here?" She mumbles.

"No, why would he be?" I laugh. "He's at his house but I'm going there after school and I'm taking you with me but if you don't get up, you don't get to go!" I say and she groans before getting up and dragging herself into the bathroom.

"Okay I'm ready, let's get this over with!" Theresa says while grabbing her things and leaving.

We walk across campus to the building our class is in and into the classroom. We sit in our normal spots as the class fills before Ashton walks in.

"Goodmorning class! Today is the little singing competition thing that's not really a competition... " Ashton starts.

"Why make it a competition? We all know who's gonna win anyway" Natalie says, glaring to me. I roll my eyes and ignore her.

"Natalie that's enough. Anyway, to continue. I also have the list of everyone in the class, in the order I want you guys to go and that's how I'm taking attendance today. First to go will be Natalie." Ashton says as he sits at his desk.

Natalie stands from her chair and walks to the mic standing in the middle of the classroom. She plugs her phone into an aux cord and starts singing terribly to some Taylor Swift song. Once she's finished, he calls everyone else up one by one until it's just Theresa and I left.

"Theresa, you're next." he says. Leaving me last.

Theresa stands up and walks to the mic and sits on a stool, lowering the mic to her height. She grabs a guitar and starts strumming as she sings Thinking Out Loud.

"Wow, Theresa. You've got a voice I never thought you had." Ashton says.

"Yeah, I'm not the type to do this often so" Theresa says as she sits back down.

"Well. Last but not least. We have Lacey." Ashton says and I slightly smile as I sit at the piano.

I start playing the keys to a familiar song that Ashton immediately catches onto. I start singing the words to my song For the Love of a Daughter. Once I finish the last note, tears are slipping down my cheeks and I look around, glancing at Ashton seeing tears are stinging his eyes but not wanting to show. I stand up and walk back to my chair, gathering my things as class is almost over.

"You all did amazing today. I'll read over the notes I've taken and that's how I'll grade you. You guys enjoy the rest of your day, class dismissed." Ashton says before we all leave.

• • •

"Can you like kick Natalie out of the class or something please?" I ask as Ashton, Theresa and I walk to Michaels place.

"Not without a valid reason. Like her failing class or something. Believe me, I've already talked to the dean about it." he says with a sigh.

"She's a bitch who doesn't deserve a life that's for sure." I say as we walk into the house.

"FRIENDS YOU ARE HERE!" Mikey yells as he runs to us and engulfs us into a hug.

"Michael. This is Theresa. Theresa, this is Michael. I have brought you guys up for one another a time or two." I say.

"I remember. You're even more beautiful in person." Mikey says making Theresa blush.

"Oh come on! More lovey dovey stuff? I'm out!" Luke says as he starts to walk out.

"Luke calm down. We have rehearsal to do remember?" Ashton says, stopping Luke.

"Bro, calm down. I'm just getting pizza." Luke laughs as he leaves.

"Oh hey guys." Calum says as he walks downstairs.

"It's 3 in the afternoon. Why do you look like you just got out of bed?" I ask.

"Because I did. I stayed over last night and Mikey and I were up nearly all night working on a new song. Crazy." he answers and I just nod.

Luke soon comes back with pizzas in hand and we all eat a box or two before heading down to the basement to rehearse. The boys rehearse two new songs they've been working on which sound really good. Once rehearsal is over, we eat once again and talk before heading out. Ashton drives us back to the place we meet. Theresa and I get out of the car and start walking back to campus.

"Heeeyy! What about my goodbye kiss?" Ashton whines and I stop, looking at Theresa. She nods saying she'll wait.

I walk over to Ashton and meet my lips to his before hugging him tightly. He presses his lips to my forehead before we say our goodbyes and I walk back with Theresa.

"You guys are honestly the cutest couple. I ship you guys." Theresa says making me blush slightly.

"What about Michael? What do you think of him?" I ask.

"Eh. He's okay." we laugh as we walk back to our dorm room, calling it a night.

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