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We all sat at our instruments in Michaels basement as Lacey handed each of us a sheet of music for her song which she sang at the jam just previously. She started talking but I don't even know what she was saying, I was too mesmerized just by her. Gosh she's gorgeous.

"Do you know how long it's been since I've read sheet music? I haven't since I was a kid just learning to play guitar." Luke says, tuning his guitar.

"This is the easiest way for you guys to learn this song in just a couple days. And Hey, you guys wanted it part of the setlist, I didn't ask." She says with a small laugh, which makes me smile.

"Okay guys, we're gonna start one by one. So Ash start a beat and then the others slowly lean into the song." She tells us as we all nod in agreement.

I start the beat on my drums as the others start adding themselves into the song. Lacey starts bobbing her head to the beat. She grabs a microphone from the side of the room and sets in in front of her.

I gotta thing for drummers
How the beat shakes up my heart
I gotta thing for drummers
So baby, so off all them tricks and bang them sticks.
I gotta thing for drummers
How the beat shakes up my heeaarrt
I gotta think for drummers
So baby show off all then tricks and bang them sticks.

She sings the chorus beautifully as we all take a break and high five one another.

"Guys that was amazing!" She says in excitement.

"Theresa, what'd you think?" Michael asks.

"I hope you guys don't mind I just recorded that and put it on instagram because it was absolutely amazing!" She says.

We all continue to practice that song and a little on others for the tour until we decide to take a break for the day. We all go back upstairs and order a pizza. We all sit in the living room and watch random movies on Netflix.

"I should probably get home. I told my mom I was hanging with friends after the jam but she is expecting me home. Plus she would freak if she knew I was with boys too." Theresa says.

"Why don't you text her and just tell her you're staying at my house tonight? My foster parents know I'm with Ashton but they can lie for you if needed." Lacey says.

"Really? You sure they won't mind?" Theresa asks.

"Nah, they've done it before" Lacey laughs.

"Thanks. You're a lifesaver!" Theresa says as she texts her mom.

Lacey pulls her phone out and texts her foster parents about the situation, they seem to agree with it in the reply they sent her. The pizza arrives shortly after, and we all devour it way too fast. We continue to watch movies on Netflix until we're all too tired to watch another. Luke and Calum take both of the couches in the living room, Theresa and Michael sleep in his bed room, Lacey and I in the guest room.

"You were amazing today you know?" I ask Lacey, as we cuddle on the bed.

"Thanks. But you were even more amazing. On those drums of yours." She tells me with a smile on her face.

I lean over and kiss her lips softly. It quickly turns into a heated make out session, pulling her into my lap. I run my hands down her back. Our lips quickly break apart.

"Are you sure we can do this? It's not even your house." She whispers to me.

"As long as we're quiet, what he doesn't know won't hurt him." I reply with a smirk.

She smiles back and leans back down, connecting her lips with mine. Piece by piece of clothing is taken off and thrown into the floor. I flip us both over so I'm hovering over her. My eyes trace over her body before diving in and taking over.

Early The Next Morning

"Come on Lace. Wake up. We have to get you home to pack for tour." I say, trying to wake her.

She turns around in her sleep and groans.

"What time is it?" She mumbles.

"A little past 4:30, our plan is set to leave in just a few short hours." I tell her.

She slowly gets up and gets dressed back into her clothes, throwing her hair up into a bun that I love so much.

"Is it gonna be like this every day on tour?" She asks me.

"Most of them. We can sleep in on the days we have off. We live off of coffee, believe me." I chuckle and she nods.

We walk out of the room after cleaning it all up, and leaving it the way it was when we entered it. We walked downstairs and said buy to everyone for a short time before getting into my car and driving to Laceys house.

"I'll see you in just a few short hours, my love." I say, making a smile form on her face.

"I'll be ready" She says.

I lean over, pressing my lips to hers before watching her walk out and to her door, making sure she can get in before I leave back to my house.



I tried to get to 1000 words but failed. Lmao it was close enough!

One more chapter until this story comes to an end! But don't worry, there will be a Harry fanfic shortly after!

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