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"Ahhhh!" I scream as I run to Theresa once I enter our dorm room.

"Oh my gosh I haven't seen you in a month, how was your break?" She asks me.

"It was good, how was yours?" I ask.

"It was okay. Michael and I got a little closer and now we're a thing now I guess." She tells me.

"A thing? Like a couple or what?" I ask.

"Well we haven't made it official or anything but yeah, I guess you could say that. How are you and Ashton?" She asks me.

"We're great. I saw him nearly every day over break. It kills me that he won't be teaching here anymore though." I say as I unpack.

"Yeah, well now you won't have to keep your relationship a secret anymore anyways." Theresa says and I nod.

"Well I'm going out with Ashton while we have the day off before the college madness happens. I'll be back later tonight." I smile and hug Theresa before walking out.

I walk out of the dorms and across campus to the sidewalk. I leave campus and walk towards the cafe Ashton and I always met at while he was teaching my chorus class. I see his car and start walking towards it before I see a girl with him. I slowly stop, leaning over a bit to see what's going on. My mouth drops and tears brim my eyes at what I see.


Ashton has Natalie against his car, basically forcing his tongue in her mouth. I try to look away but I can't. All I can do is stand there and watch in horror. Natalie looks over at me with a nasty smirk, making Ashton look over at me. His face instantly dropping. I turn away and run back towards campus.

"Lacey wait!" I hear Ashton yell but I don't stop. I keep running until I reach my dorm.

"Lacey what happened?" Theresa asks me.

"I-i-it w-was A-A-Ashton. H-he kissed N-N-N-Natalie." I stutter out while tears are streaming down my face.

"What? Why would he do such a thing?" She asks and I shrug.

"I uh. I'm gonna go take a shower. Maybe it'll help clear my mind from it." I say.

I get up and walk into the bathroom. I strip down and get into the shower after I start it. I sit down with my knees to my chest, letting the water run over me. As much as I try, I just can't get the picture of them out of my head.

• • •

"Lacey, come on you've been in there for over an hour." Theresa says through the door.

I slowly get up and turn the water off. I put my robe on and walk out of the bathroom and straight to my bed, laying down.

"I know it's hard Lace, but maybe you should just hear him out." Theresa tells me.

"Why? I saw it with my own eyes. They've probably done more than just kissing. I did go the last week without seeing him." I say.

"Honestly, I don't see Ashton being that type of guy. I know this isn't my place to be saying this but I would hear him out if I were you." She says and I nod.

Theresa leaves the room to go meet Michael somewhere. I curl up in the blankets on my bed, when I hear my phone vibrate against the night stand.

Ash: Hey Babe.

Me: Hi Ash.

Ash: We need to talk.

Me: What is there to talk about?

Ash: It wasn't me. Or I didn't mean for it to happen.

Me: Seriously? Ash, I saw it with my own eyes! You fucking kissed Natalie!

Ash: She kissed me! I didn't kiss her back. Please come over so we can talk about this?

Ash: Please Lace, I still love you.

Me: Fine. I'll be over in a bit.

I put my phone back onto the night stand and get decently ready before grabbing my phone and leaving the dorm. I walk along the sidewalk to Ashton's place. Once I arrive, I hesitantly knock on the door. Once he opens the door, I walk in without a word.

"I'm not here to kiss and make up. Okay, I'm giving you your chance to talk." I say, turning around to face him.

"Okay. I was at the cafe waiting on you and she was there with a couple of friends. As they were leaving she spotted me and walks over to me. I saw you walking up the sidewalk so I knew you were close so I tried to distract her. Before I knew it she was kissing me. I swear, I didn't mean for it to happen." he pleads.

"Ashton I believe you. Or I want to anyway. It's just, I know she's been after you all year and it kills me to know that in some way she finally got to you." I say.

"I know, and I understand that. I'm sorry that it even happened." he tells me.

"I just don't know what to think really right now. I just need time to think about it, clear my head." I say and he nods.

"Take as long as you need." he says and I nod.

Ashton leans down and kisses my cheek, with that I turn around and walk out, back to my dorm.




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