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The light from the sun shines through the window waking me up. I slowly sit up and check the time, seeing it's 10 in the morning. I sigh and walk into the bathroom, taking a shower. I get out and change into shorts and a tank top, leaving my hair to air dry naturally.

I sit on my bed and check my phone, seeing I have a message from an unknown number, being curious I open and read it.

Hey! I would love to hang out today since we had an amazing time yesterday but I have to rehearse with the band. - Ash xx

I reply without hesitation.

That's okay! You do have a life outside of teaching and me haha

I send the text, and not even minutes later my phone vibrates signaling I have a notification.

Ash: Would you like to come with? The lads kind of already know who you are so they would love to meet you!

Me: Do they know me as lacey your friend you kissed or lacey your student?

Ash: They know you're my student but they also know about our kinda not date in the woods yesterday.

I think about it for a minute before telling him that I'll go. He says to meet in the same spot we did yesterday in half an hour, so I start getting ready but don't go all out like I normally would. Today is a lazy day.

"Are you seeing him today?" Theresa asks slightly waking up.

"Yeah. He's rehearsing with his band and invited me." I say.

"Ooo boys. Can I come?" She asks.

"No!" I laugh. She sighs and rolls over, probably falling back asleep.

I through my hair up into a messy bun, put on light make up, slide my flip flops on and walk out the door. I walk to the place we previously met and there he stood once again, by his car.

"Hey gorgeous. If I may call you that." he greets.

"Sure. Just not in the classroom." I smile. He returns one and kisses my forehead, pulling me into a hug before we get into his car.

"So who's house are we going to?" I ask.

"Michaels. We practice at his house since he as a basement to keep everything." he answers and I nod.

We drive for half an hour before pulling into a driveway of a huge house. Ashton and I step out of the car and walk up to the front. Ashton opens the door and walks in without knocking.

"Guys we're here!" Ashton yells.

"In the kitchen! And who's we?!" I hear a voice come from another room.

We walk through the living room and onto the kitchen, three boys sit around eating pizza rolls.

"I told you guys I was bringing someone. Lads this is Lacey. Lacey this is Luke, Calum and Michael." Ashton says as he points to each guy.

"Nice to meet you guys." I say

"You too. Since the school year started, Ashton wouldn't shut up about you." the one with red hair says, Michael I think?

"Dude, this is when you shut up" Ashton says before slapping his arm.

"Okay guys. Let's go rehearse before something gets out of hand." The one with blonde hair says.

We all walk downstairs onto the basement and they get in their spots. My eyes stay on Ashton as he sits behind the drum set. I take a seat on the couch and watch as they tune their guitars.

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