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Chapter 7

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Azalea's POV
Today I was released, but I couldn't do training. So I decided to do indoor training. I loved dance and music, dance was a passion. Music a hobby. Cooking a dream. Tracker and pack warrior a reality. Fetching my Beatspill which was black and my samsung 6, I grabbed a water bottle. I put on my purple nike tank top, black spandex, purple shoes. Then I out my Beats, water bottle and gloves in my pink bag and left.

I didn't plan on leaving the training room anytime soon.

As soon as I closed the door my Beatspill was blasting my Spotify playlist, and I was doing flips and tricks on the mats. Landing my last hand stand I kept my feet in the air and did the splits. Very carefully I tumbled from the stretch and laid on my back for a few seconds. Scanning the room I saw my next challenge.

Balance beams.

Climbing the ladder I went to the tallest beam. Running down the beam I did a front hand spring two times then a back bend. Ahead of me the beam cut off and a series of handles was head. Doing the rest of the beam I moved to the bars. Gripping the bars I hissed. Silver? I sniffed. Wolfsbane?

"Azalea don't" Tate called below me "those are dangerous" he yelled. I grinned. "I love dangerous" and I gripped the bars and swung my weight to the next. Sure they burned but I kept my mind off it. Soon I was on the floor grinning like a cheshire cat. "Bravo" he applauded me. "Thanks" I mutter dryly and chugged my water.

"Don't choke" he teased, my mouth was still dry. "I'll try" I replied sarcastically and licked my lips but my tongue was dry. I needed water. "Azalea where...." I didn't hear the rest as I ran for water.

Gulping down my fifth glass of water I put the cup in the sink and sighed in content. Today was a free day for me, and I spent it in the pool. As soon as I entered the pool something inside me awakened. I dove under and let the water hug me, I stayed under for what felt like hours.

Finally I came up and dragged my fingers across the surface of the silky water. I giggled at the feeling. Pushing off the bottom I did a back dive into the water. Opening my eyes under water, everything was clear as a bell. Shocked I scrambled from the pool and tried myself off quickly.

"Nothing happened" I chanted to myself.

But something did happen.

Something that I will never forget.
Pic of Azalea's workout outfit

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