Chapter 6

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Azalea's POV
I woke up in the Doctors office my jaw was numb. "Azalea" Calvin breathed "that little mutt"'he growled and started to shake. I put my hand on his fist and shook my head and he calmed down. "Come here baby girl"'he hugged me and I snuggled into his chest. "There are some boys worried about you" he informed me as we hugged.

I crunched my nose and he chuckled "don't worry they're nice" he flicked my nose and let them in. A boy with Amber hair and hazel hairs walked in first "I'm River" he smirked at me. Next a boy with black hair and green eyes "Hayden" he bowed. And one more came in "Camden" he had brown hair and brown eyes.

I waved meekly "Warrior Tate wishes to speak to you" Camden winked at me, I shook my head. "So Azalea why do you were dog tags?" Hayden asked pointing to them. Taking off my Dad's I gave it to Camden. "Harris Banks, 1940-2015, Pack warrior/ tracker" he voice aloud while passing the tags around.

"I'm sorry Lea" Camden kissed my forehead and wiped my tears.

Even though my father hated me, he would forever be my father and hero.

Putting the tags back on I gave the boys a weak smile. They left the room and Tate walked in "Azalea, why didn't you fight back?" he hissed, I let his eyes search mine for the answer. "Don't worry about us, we can handle him" he chuckled and patted me knee.

"Sadly we cannot kick him out, but he will be watched" Tate gave me a smile and left.

I hate this. I'm 21 years old, I can fight for myself.

Zayn's POV
I felt my wolf Cameron whining in rage. I was helping out a pack for this whole year and wouldn't be able to attend my academy/ pack. 'Mate in danger' he whined. But I was in the middle of a meeting and couldn't leave. After an hour of his whining he stopped and said two words.

'Mate hurt'
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