Chapter 9

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Azalea's POV
Tate worked us hard today. I wanted nothing more then to climb into my bath and relax. "Azalea a word" Tate called me over and I huffed but complied. "Yes" I said irritated "you have been doing fantastic" he started. "But your loosing focus, is something wrong?" he asked concerned.

I shook my head "sorry sir, I'll be more focused now" and rushed from the room. I headed straight for my room but stopped when I heard someone talking. "I don't know if I can do it" the person sounded scared. "You must" the other person growled. "Why can't you?" person number one said.

"Because your the spy!" number two whisper yelled and I stifled a laugh. "Ok" number one snapped "now leave before the catch you" number one whispered urgently. Looks like I'm gonna be investigating this.

Further into the week I learned we hired a chef and his voice matched the one I'd heard. He was the spy. "What's you deal with Carson" Camden asked as we sat to eat. "I don't know what your talking about" I shrugged but didn't met his eyes.

"You act like his is a virus" he hissed "I don't see what's the big deal" I snapped getting mad myself. "Just because you aren't having the best time doesn't mean you can make it hell for others" he said coldly.

I felt my face become stoic and my eyes turned to slits "you now nothing" I spat and jumped from my chair. I stormed from the room pushing past many guys, "Azalea h..." they words died on their tongues as I stormed out.

"I try to be nice and his is how I'm treated?" I yelled at the sky "what have I done" I screamed and took off into the forest.

Secret's POV
I watched from afar as she stormed from the house fuming in anger. She was smartened than I thought. Cocking my head to the side 'take the girl out to' I told him. 'Yes father' came his reply. Chuckling darkly I walked back to my cabin not to far from the house.

Tate you'll have no idea what hit you.
Pic of Azalea's eye when they flashed silver

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