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Chapter 1

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Azalea's POV
My life wasn't always like this. I was once a happy child, loving mother and father. But my mom walked out on us when I was five. My blue sky's darkened to stormy clouds and my father changed. He became an angry man and a terrible pack warrior. He was the best of the best, nobody could beat him.

But things happened behind closed doors. I was beaten every night for noting. But that only made me stronger. At age 16 I shifted and trained myself. At eighteen I proved myself best in the pack. Or what was left. Several months earlier we were attacked and we lost many people.

We only had a hundred or so left. And I was the best pack warrior in the pack. Sadly my father was one of the people who had died. In his will he left me everything. Even his dog tags that every warrior has. I pushed myself harder.

People feared me, for I had become the best pack warrior in Canada, besides the Pack Tracker and Warrior academy I was the best.

At 21 I hand found my mate so I decided to enroll myself in the Pack Tracker and Warrior academy.

I was accepted.
Please ignore the tattoo I made a mistake and I can't fix it! It was supposed to be her eyes.

Pic of the girl is Azalea

Rose: belly ring

Black metal with diamond: cartilage on the left side

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