Chapter 4

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Azalea's POV
"Azalea STOP!" Tate barked at me and I halted huffing and puffing "what was that" he commanded. "Sir I'd rather not talk about it" I bluntly told him and he nodded understanding? "Ok men, line up!" Tate barked as the other guys stopped.

I didn't bother to correct him.

"Now, we are going to be tracker for a full month, then we will twitch to pack warrior" he informed us walking up and down the line. "I am going to run through the forest and you'll have to find me" he grinned wickedly. "Count to 200 hundred then track" was all he said and left.

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.....200" we all counted then the guys shot off. I kneeled to the ground and put my knuckles on the forest floor and closed my eyes. I felt myself become one with the woods,then I looked into the sky.

I saw Tate sitting in a willow tree ten miles from here. His scent drifted up my nose and I shot off sprinting. Along the way I passed multiple guys and I knew they were following me, but I didn't care.

I came across the willow tree and whistled to Tate, he fell from the tree with a thump. "Oh my god are you ok?" I rushed over to him and yanked him to his feet, "how - what!- but!" he stuttered. "But your a girl!" I imitated him in a low voice "hell yeah! I'm a girl!" I growled.

"Ok take a lunch break" Tate yelled at the other boys. I turned in my heel to leave "a moment Ms. Banks" Tate called "yes" I frowned "you are something, tell me who trained you" he mused circling me again. "I did Sir" I stood tall, but my 5'0 frame was nothing to his 6'4.

"You, trained yourself?" he asked "Tate with all do respect, I had a rough life and if you knew. If you only knew" I shook my head as the memories flooded my head. "Azalea I didn't..." he trailed off but I couldn't. I ran.

I burst through the doors of the pack house but my arm was held back "well, well, well look what the cat dragged him" Connor hissed in my face. I kept my head down and he punched my stomach. I jerked trying together away but he kicked my ribs and I fell to the floor.

"Don't tell anyone about this,mor it'll be worse next time. Understand" he yanked my hair "DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND" he slapped my repeatedly "yes" I whispered as the blood dribbled down my nose. "Good" he kicked me one last time and walked away.

Just like my father did.
Azalea's bedroom

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