Chapter 5

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Azalea's POV
I woke up bruised and battered. After dinner Connor got me again. I wouldn't let Alexa heal me, I wanted guilt to eat them up. I took a bath in my huge bath, seriously it's like a pool. After that I slipped on Camo leggings, a black nike tee, and silver running shoes with my dog tags in my shirt.

My slightly curly red hair was down as I left the room with my silver beats on. In the dark I made my way to the kitchen and flipped on the lights and about screamed. A knife was pressed to my throat and I couldn't see the face. They had something over their head.

"Little Azalea" the familiar voice cooed "dear sweet Azalea" he took off my head phone and and put them around my neck. "You won't speak a lick to anyone about what's going to happen" he said evilly. I nodded not wanting anyone to get hurt. "Good" he cackled.

I didn't see his fist coming at me. It hit my jaw full force I heard a pop! my jaw hung slack. As he punched and kicked me endlessly. Then I heard footsteps "don't tell anyone" he warned me and left. I lay on the floor cradling my jaw.

The footsteps got closer and I panicked. Jumping to my feet I raced for the door but collied into a chest. I whimpered as my jaw hit their chest "ew" they pushed me backwards and I stumbled into a wall. When they stepped into the light I saw a guy with blonde hair and green eyes.

"Get out if my way" he snarled and pushed past me. I couldn't talk, my jaw hurt to much. "What no come backs?" he snickered and I tried to move my jaw but only whimpered. Pausing my music I set my stuff on the table and picked up my forgotten apple.

"Hey" the guy called after me "where are you going?" he watched me pick my stuff back up. Once more I tried to speak but instead I let out a moan of pain and walked away. "Freak" he muttered. I made my way to my room and inspected my jaw.

It was brushing and swollen.

Putting my stuff down I walked outside in time for training. "Line up!" Tate barked and we scrambled into a line. Connor was grinning wicked down at me. "Today we are going to do hand to hand combat" he informed us while walking up and down the line. "And this will be physical" he spit as he talked.

"Pair up!" he barked "Banks" Connor griped my arm and yanked me to the field. "Ms. Banks" Tate called, I trudge from my shirt and winced in pain. I knew they could see my bruises. "Read, set, FIGHT" Tate yelled.

Connor swung a fist at my jaw. And I went to the ground holding my jaw.

I won't cry! I won't cry! I won't cry! I won't cry! I won't cry! I won't cry! I won't cry!

He kicked my side so I rolled over then continued to punch me. One blow landed on my stomach and lost it. "You shouldn't have come here" Connor snaked in my face and he knee my ribs. A crack was heard,then silence.

It hurt to breath.

"Nobody wants you here" the pain was to much and I blacked out.
Azalea's bathroom.
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