Chapter 10

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*unedited excuse the mistakes
Azalea's POV
Across the field Camden glared at me, his eyes were cold. "Today we are going to race, winner gets a prize!" Tate yelled and the guys hollered back. "Prize is no training for a week" he grinned and the guys whooped and cheered in excitement.

"Alright I have set up a course, DO NOT go off course" he led us to the start on the count of three" he smiled.

"1" I took a breath and readied myself.

"2" I took around, I was in the middle with the advantage.

"3" I shot off neck and neck with Connor.

Suddenly he pulled ahead and I grunted before speeding up myself. The course was a clean path but had lots of roots on the side. It looked like the path had been run multiple times before.

And now I was ahead of Connor but he was hot on my heels and gaining speed fast. Risking a glance behind me I saw the other guys catching up, not that I needed to win this but it would be nice.

I fell and tumbled to the side.

The guys laughed as they passed me, but I got back up and slowly jogged after them. I knew if I wanted to win this, I needed to run.

And fast as hell.

So I used wolf speed and caught up to a few of the guys in the back. I sat on them for a while then I pulled ahead of them. I could see Camden and the others. Looking at my palms I noticed they were scratched but healing quickly.

Now I was shoulder to shoulder with Camden "did you fall?" he sneered scoffing he ran ahead. Ass. Rolling my eyes I runs faster and passed him.

I saw the end but Connor was almost there. But he to fell.

Connor's POV
A root was in the path and I didn't see it in time. My foot got caught and my ankle twisted. I was so close! Trying to move I moaned in pain and watched as someone flew past me. But she stopped and turned around.


She looked and me then the finish line before walking back to me and offering me her hand. All the guys ran past us and to the finish line that was now so far. "Take my hand Connor" she urged me and I took it.

She pulled me to my feet and I wrapped my right arm around her shoulder while she's was behind my back. She supported my weight as we walked to the finish line. "Why did you stop?" I asked.

"Because everyone deserves a second chance" she flashed me a wink as we crossed. Everyone's jaw dropped as she hauled ass, hers and mine. "Thank you" I told her as she set me on the couch. "Let me check your ankle" she got on her knees and gently touched my ankle, I winced when she touched where it hurt most.

"Tender" she murmured under her breath "it's not broken but swollen, ice it for tonight and you'll be good tomorrow" she told me and walked off only to return with an ice pack. "Thanks" I winced as she laid the ice on my swollen ankle.

"It's not and issue" she waved it off. "No I mean it, I've been nothing but mean to you. And here you sit. Taking care of me" I chuckled bitterly. "Connor everyone makes mistakes" she shrugged it off. "Can we be friends?" I asked and reached my hand out to her.

She eyed my hand before she took it "friends" she laughed lightly.

"I don't deserve this" I shook my head. She only smiled sadly at me and walked from the room.

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