Chapter 11

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Azalea's POV
This week the guys gave me small smiles, they were getting there. I still didn't warm up to Carson. Some timed I heard the other voice late at night when no one else was up, they were planning something.

I tossed and turned all night. Something was calling to me. Telling me to come it. To give in.

I almost did.

The urge was so strong, but something kept me grounded and I didn't know what. Something I couldn't explain bubbled inside my chest. Like you were getting a hug from your Mom. It felt good. And I didn't want it to end.

What was happening?

The feeling only grew stronger, until a bright white light envelope me whole. I felt like I was floating on a cloud, and I was never coming down. It was warm, and I could smell the ocean. Breathing in deeply I exhaled a ghost of a smile on my lips. My once closed eye were now open, and I was on the beach?


It was a cliff and below me was a clear lake. Mountains and tree surrounded us providing privacy. Suddenly I started taking off my pants and shirt leaving me in my black Lacey undergarments. Without a second thought I hurled myself off the cliff and hit the water with a splash!

The rest was dark.

Weston's POV
Warren and I followed a safe distance behind as we watched her hurl herself off the cliff again. "It's only a matter of time" Warren spoke for the first time. "True" I nodded my head my eye trained on the cliff.

"The later the better" he whispered "indeed" I clapped his back making him wince and me grin. "She needs to figure this out" he shook his head chuckling to himself "yes, time will reveal all secrets" I told him wisely.

We both turned and walked back into the shadows.

Azalea's POV
I was laying on my stomach, the sound of water lapping ringing in my ears. I tried to move, but it felt like my limbs were held down. A moan escaped my lips. "OVER HERE" someone shouted and I heard the pounding of feet.

"Move" one voice over all commanded, suddenly I was on my back looking into the hazel eyes of River. "Azalea, you freezing" he shuddered as he touched my hand. "What were you thinking?" he demanded and I groaned unable to speak.

"Come on" he took me in his arms and shivered when my cold skin came in contact with his. "Tate went to wake you up but instead your window was open. We searched for you for two hours" he informed me as he walked through the forest.

"What happened?" he asked curious "I ...... don't.......know" I choked out while my teeth chattered.

Why was I cold? I'm a wolf! We never get cold, right?

"Calvin is going to freak" River muttered under his breath and I smiled as I felt a little warmth spark in my chest. I closed my eyes "Lea don't you dare close you eyes" River pleaded me but they clasped against my will.

"Water" I croaked as I heart a streaming rushing close by "take me to the water" I struggled against his arms trying to break free mi felt more awake now that I heard the water. "Water" I repeated but he held tighter and ran.

"Water" I pleaded to him. "Azalea?" he asked confused as I reached out behind us "water" I cried. "Please I need water" I cried out my throat closing up. The world was spinning now. I felt like I was rolling down a hill.

"Hang on" he told me and I was flying. I smiled as I landed in the pool. Suddenly everything was clear. The pool water turned to air and I swam upward. River just stood there gaping at me.

"What?" I ran my finger atop of the water loving the silky feeling it gave me. "Your eyes!" he gasped pointing to them. Looking at my reflection I noted they had gone silver again.

What is happening to me?

And why does it feel so right?
Pic of the clear lake Azalea jumped into

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