Chapter 2

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Azalea's POV
Today was the day I left for the academy. My Alpha which so happened to be my friend gave me a hug "be careful A" Caleb whispered in my ear "always am C" I whispered back and broke the hug.

Some people call me emotionless, but I'm not. They only know one side of me. The crazy kick butt pack warrior chick who doesn't smile. She's ruthless and who'll ruin anybody that messes with her.

Slipping into my black 2015 Jaguar I drove off into the morning fog that had settled over Canada. The academy was hours away but that didn't stop me from getting there without a pit stop.

All I saw was teenage boys. No girls. Parking my car I grabbed my single large duffle bag taut weighed nothing. As I past the guys they stared at me with shock, hunger, and lust. Not to brag but I have a six pack.

Finally I found the check in place "Name" the man barked at me with disgust "Azalea Banks sir" I snarled back showing no fear. He grinned down at me "daughter of Harris Banks?", I flinched at the name of my father.

"Correct sir" I nodded "since you the only girl, here's a key to the kitchen, and your room" he handed over the keys. "I'm Sergeant Calvin, the beta here" he shook my hand in a tight grip.

Something in my mind clicked. "Uncle Clavin?" I asked surprised "Eliza" he hugged me "I thought you were dead" I admitted when he released me. "Nope" he laughed and shooed me away.

Calvin is my fathers brother, or my best friend. One day my gather told me Calvin died. I lost my nuts. The only family I had was my father and mother, then my mom left one night. And things went down hill for me, being beaten and left to heal.

Deep within me my wolf Alexa snarled and I hurried to my room. 'Azalea don't you even think about him! He's not worth the pain' she thundered at me. I knew my eyes were aqua blue. 'Sorry' I whimpered to her and threw my door open.

My rooms was a nice lavender color, with a cherry blossom picture above the bed. A white vanity and a huge luxury bathroom. I knew they'd give us the day to settle in and get to know one another. But that didn't matter to me.

Using my wolf speed I unpacked everything I had which fit in a XX-large duffle bag. Which contained clothes, shoes, bathroom necessities, no make up or but a blow dryer. I laid my keys on the table and changed into camo spandex, a black tank, and black and white nike high top running shoes.

Taking my silver beats and Samsung S6 I blared my music as I searched for the training room.

Tate's POV
It was my job as head trainer to make sure everything and one got settled. It wasn't until I heard a heartbeat behind the training room. Their heart was beating fast and I could faintly hear music.

Curios I opened the door. A girl with huge curves and fiery red hair was training one he balance beams. Her eyes were closed and she stared running and did a front hand sprung and landed it perfectly.

My jaw slacked. As I watched her. She was lethal, fluent, and graceful. "Where did you learn that" I asked as she finished. "Myself" she grunted and I stared into her empty grey eyes. "What's your name?" I asked as I circled her looking for a weak spot.

"Eliza" she bluntly stated "what are you doing here?" I asked her. "I'm here to be a tracker and pack warrior sir" she said in a serious tone. I bursted out laughing. "Y-y-y-you wanna be a pack tracker and warrior!" I bellowed whilst still laughing.

"No girl has ever been one" I roared and clutched my stomach. "Maybe if you weren't a sexist pig you'd see that girls are just as strong as guys" she spat in my face and stormed from the room.

As she did so I caught sight of a big black tattoo on her back.

What is she hiding?

Free tattoo- right collar bone
Cherry blossom tattoo- right thigh
Alive tattoo- left wrist
Dream catcher tattoo- left bicep
Divergent tattoo- one her back
Anchor- behind left calf

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