Chapter 8

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Weston's POV
Warren stood by my side as we watched her. She was running through the forest, she white fur seemed to glow in the moon light. She was like a white ghost. But her aqua blue eyes gave her away as they glowed in the night.

"She's special brother" I told Warren from our position "indeed she is brother" he chuckled. "If only she realized this" he tsked "if only indeed" I said under my breath. "Such a beautiful wolf to" he cocked his head to the side "she'll make an even better $&@$&@$" I said proudly.

[$&@$&@$ is not a cuss word, it's a top secret word I cannot tell you ;) ]

"Yes, brother she will" he started running after her as she got farther away. It was our job to watch her. Make sure no more harm comes to her. She stopped at a cliff and howled to the full moon. A long and beautiful howl, and others responded to her call.

As she sat on the ledge and stared at the moon, she shifted back. A clear lake was below us. Calling to her. She took several steps back then dove off the cliff, we raced to the edge in time to see her disappear in the clear water.

"It's only a matter of time brother" my twin smiled "soon, brother, very very soon" and we walked back into the dark of the woods.

Azalea's POV
I woke up on the forest floor, "what the hell!" I screamed and scrambled to my feet running back to the pack house. It was only Sunday, the only day we get off. I was so close to the pack house I could smell the bacon being cooked.

As I burst through the door multiple people stared at me "AZALEA ELIZA BANKS" Uncle Calvin's voice reached my ear and I cringed. The guys snickered and I glared at them "care to explain why you weren't here this morning?" he tapped his foot.

"I don't know" I shrugged "what do you mean you don't know, of course you know" he yelled at me. Ok, now I'm mad. I clenched my fists took deep breaths "I. Don't. Know" I told him calmly but slowly.

"Enough with the games" he barked and slammed his fist on the counter. The guys 'oohhhed' I closed my eyes and tried to calm. I stretched my senses out and I heard water dripping, a shower running, waves crashing. Snapping my eyes open I spoke in my pack warrior voice.

"When I say I don't know, I don't know" I spoke deadly calm and everyone flinched, but their eyes wide with shock. "Your eyes" Camden breathed and I bolted to my room and looked in my vanity. Sure enough my eyes were silver.

I blinked and they were back to grey.

That's strange I thought only mom's eyes flashed silver.

And only when water was near.

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