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Chapter 3

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*unedited excuse the mistakes
Azalea's POV
I woke up at four and showered and dressed in spandex and a tank top with my high tops. Throwing my red hair into a pony I jogged down stairs and went into the kitchen using my key. I ate and apple with yoghurt.

After that I sauntered outside staying in the shadows not attracting attention. Soon guys filed from the house and formed a line. Names where called and they stood up from the line and saluted the person. "Azalea Banks" the voice barked and I stepped from the shadows.

"Sir yes, sir" I barked back saluting him. It was the guy from yesterday. "What is a female doing here" one of guys sneered and he rest snickered. "What are you dong here" I snaked back. Fear crossed his eye but it was gone. "This is men only academy" he growled.

"Well obviously not, because I'm here" I smirked at him. "Today you are going to prove yourself, that you belong here" the nam barked out. "I'm Tate and I will single handedly train you until the Alpha gets here" he ranted. "First up Connor Jet" Tate barked and the guy that sassed me stepped up.

"Pick your match" Tate ordered him and Connor smirked at me. "Banks" he smirked and cracked his knuckles "Ms. Banks it is required that you take off your tank top for this" Tate said bluntly "and why is that?" I asked sarcastically "looking for weak spots" he shrugged.

I trudged out of my tank and threw it at his face and turned around. I heard collective gasps from the line. My back tattoo draws attention. There is only one other person who had this.

My father.

Connor hadn't seen it and charged. I side stepped the attack making him girls and shift shredding his clothes. He ran at me head on and I did to. He was a yards in front of me when I jumped and spun like a bullet over the top of him.

He tripped and fell but quickly got up. He snarled loudly "aww is the baby mad" I cooed and he shifted back naked. He charged and this time I met him. I grabbed his neck and slammed him to ground.

He was knocked out from the hit and I walked away unharmed. "Very good Azalea" Tate complimented me and I took my tank back. "Thanks" I said dryly. The guys who stood in a line gaped at me. "Alright 10 laps around the perimeter, then report back here. GO" Tate barked and I started in slow jog.

Many boys passed me in sprints. But they would only be tired. I slowly jogged my past them at my third lap now. "Aww can't run fast?" one boy teased him and I glared. "If you only knew" I hissed and passed him. I was now at five laps and wasn't tired.

Suddenly someone flew past me. Alexa didn't like that and sped us up so we passed him and kept the lead. But she grew tired and I was alone. I knew only one thing would help me.

I thought back to my old pack. My father. I remembered being slapped, kicked, punched, and slammed into walls. This only made me go faster. The wind picked up as I sped up.

There was no stopping me now.

I was to far gone.
Azalea's eyes!

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