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Luna looked up into b's eyes. "You can stay here tonight mama ain't supposed to come home until 6:04 tomorrow night." B nodded in return.
Luna jumped up got dressed and dragged b into the living room. "We can watch criminal minds" she exclaimed smiling. B laughed "ok sure"
They sat and watched criminal minds, every once in a while exclaiming things like " you idiot check the bed for fingerprints!" Or "dude! Hide the body! And he wonders how he got caught!"
They finished their marathon and went to bed.

At 7:00 the next morning Luna woke up.
She stretched. The investigation team looked in amazement at her transformation.
She was disheveled, no longer painfully tidy, her eyes were no longer cheerful nor were they the insane emotionless one she wore when murdering. They were the type of eyes that had seen pain, they seemed to be screaming "I know more than you let me help!". Her face was kind and not careless as always. Her faced scrunched up in confusion. Then after a painful minute her face lit up in delight.
"B(eeeeeeeeeeeeeee(the sound of b stretched )) guess what!" She yelled running into the young mans room. She frowned at his sleeping form. Then she pounced on his stomach.
He shot up like a rocket.
"What the hell rose! I was sleeping---rose what's wrong?" He yelled at her before studying her face then his voice turned to worry.
"We are leaving ryuzaki" she stated as though this happened often, which by what the team had seen already concerning her relationship with her mother, did not.
The team didn't have time to speculate about how Ls alias was this mans name, for ryuzaki responded.
"What? Oh come on rose you're not thinking clearly. You can stay it's alright here" he stated. It was obvious he just wanted to sleep.
"No, b, this is the first time in 7 years I haven't had those voices in my head, I can think straight finally! I am going to leave this shit hole" she stated pointing at her skull.
He look confused before being told that she would explain later.
She started running throwing food into bags shoving a bag at ryuzaki telling him to pack clothes. When she was done packing she stepped into the bathroom sporting scissors. They watched as she cut her long waist length hair down to her shoulder blades. She then withdrew hair cleaner from the cabinet and starting washing her hair. When she was done they saw her true hair color. It was a beautiful (h/c) that cascaded down her back.  She nodded and turned to ryuzakis questioning face.
"Mamas a lot like l, she doesn't like to lose, but unlike l she doesn't have anything to lose, she is willing to sacrifice everything to win." She told him. They spent the rest of the day packing and argueing. Then the door unlocked.
"Shit" Luna muttered. "I didn't calculate your excessive whining ".
The door opened to reveal Luna's dear mama. She took one glance at the house, opened her handbag and withdrew a gun. She calmly pointed it at her daughter. " I told you, you can't leave me I'll call the cops on you."
"Tch. I'm not scared of you, you've spilt more blood than I have!" She yelled at mama.
Luna gasped as she hit the floor. "You bitch. " Luna muttered to her mother as she looked at the gaping hole in her leg.
Suddenly, mama grabbed her chest and started to fall downwards.
Luna got up her posture rather relaxed considering she was watching her mother die in front of her. Her face gave it away however. Her jaw was clenched as though she was keeping from sobbing.
"I was wondering when Kira was gonna start killing murderers." Was all she said as she watched the life fade from mamas eyes.
She turned and walked to her room changeling her clothes. She put on a black tight lace shirt, black leggings, knee high lace up boots, and a black leather jacket.
"Well, B I suppose this is where I leave you. Love you big brother"
"And you little sister"
She turned grabbed her bags and walked out.
The team stood watching the cameras as she left the house of death. Then after a couple hours they heard a thud. They turned and looked in awe at the young beautiful insane Luna.
"I was wondering, law, when exactly where you going ask for the smartest person Alives help?"
L smiled. " just as soon as she'd admit that I'm better looking."
She ran and gave her old friend a hug.
"So these are the kids?"
L nodded
With a wink, a smile and a waggle of the eyebrows Luna made the following comment that caused the three young men to laugh aloud , well except for near who smiled, and Matt who gaped before laughing

"Wow I never though postage could look so good, and I'm surprised that l hasn't eaten you yet marsh-mello! Oh, you're the albino. You know they say albinos are good in bed."

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