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Eddsworld x Reader by TheThyThomas
Eddsworld x Readerby Tominator
Boy, girl, whatever gender you are today, you will be filled with lovely Eddsworld fanfictions. I'm one of the reasons Thomas Ridgewell cries himself to sleep at night
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Death Note Imagines by adventuretimefanitc
Death Note Imaginesby Eyebags
Just a bunch of Death Note imagines, preferences and one shots involving you and the boys. Enjoy [UNEDITED]
  • lawliet
  • mello
  • deathnotexreader
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Colorful love (Eddsworld x reader) by Neince
Colorful love (Eddsworld x reader)by Neince
Just some random story how you met the four boys, but soon something strange will happen that changes everything... [CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE] [COVER ART NOT MINE]
  • eddsworldmatt
  • eddsworldtord
  • eddsworldtom
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Eddsworld x Reader Oneshots by Issgo137
Eddsworld x Reader Oneshotsby Issgo
I won't update very often, I only update on the Holidays and the weekend. I made this because I personally read them and I decided to give it a go (Cause why not???). No...
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Death Note x reader lemons by Bittertongue
Death Note x reader lemonsby ........
Death note oneshots and scenarios of our Wammy boys.....
  • lemon
  • deathnotefanfiction
  • lxreader
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Transcendence ( Matt holt x reader)  by yungcrunch
Transcendence ( Matt holt x Yung Crunch
(Y/N) ( Y/L/N) was a famed astronomer and astronaut from the Cosmic Corp on Earth. She was the leader of a space mission when she finds herself in an alternate reality w...
  • mattholt
  • pidge
  • klance
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• more than just friends - mattybraps ; by billlieache
• more than just friends - henry
matthew, aka mattyb the teenager celebrity we all know about. he gets bigger day by day. you and matt were the biggest best friends that you could be. then, one day some...
  • matthewmorris
  • relationship
  • romancefanfiction
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Eddsworld Boyfriend Senarios♡ by InhumanBeingHere
Eddsworld Boyfriend Senarios♡by ANAWESOMEINHUMANBEING!
Just senarios
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Eddsworld x Reader: Love comes in all shapes and sizes by sislocation5
Eddsworld x Reader: Love comes Kimi-chan
Totes has lemons guys!!! It's in the halloween section of the story. More updates soon.
  • tordxreader
  • edd
  • mattxreaderlemon
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inseparable - A Matt King x Reader story by bee_the_writer_
inseparable - A Matt King x bee_the_writer
Your name is Y/N, you watch the vlog squad every day and they are the sole reason you became a vlogger. Zane, a really funny guy in the vlog squad, is your best friend...
  • cute
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  • heath
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I'll Protect You (a MattXReader) by demiwitchwoodwalker
I'll Protect You (a MattXReader)by demiwitchwoodwalker
(Originally called Where are you? (A KeithxReader) but I decided to change it up a bit) You are (Y/N) Shirogane. Shiro/Takashi is your older brother. You, Katie and Keit...
  • holt
  • galra
  • katie
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Matt x Artist! Reader Eddsworld by ThatAwkwardToaster
Matt x Artist! Reader Eddsworldby Helen is weird
This is just a cringey Eddsworld fanfic that I might be writing for fun. Beware of gramatical errors; English isn't my first language. I won't upload new chapters consi...
  • fanfiction
  • xreader
  • matt
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Death Note Preferences by too_much_fandoms_
Death Note Preferencesby Mashumaru~
The Preferences are with: L, Light, Near, Mello and Matt. Hope you'll like it ;)
  • oneshots
  • note
  • melloxreader
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Until Dawn x Reader (ONE SHOTS) by moonlight53
Until Dawn x Reader (ONE SHOTS)by Stephany
collection of imagines based on the characters from until dawn that i have decided to transfer from my tumblr account (link is in the bio) FEEL FREE TO REQUEST IMAGINES...
  • untildawnfanfiction
  • untildawnchris
  • joshwashington
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Colored Routes | Eddsworld x Reader by crushworthy
Colored Routes | Eddsworld x Readerby sherlock
" nows the time, i want you to choose one between them four." you find yourself stuck, who did you love out of them most? you breathe in and started to point a...
  • matt
  • tommiebear
  • itsybitsylemon
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Eddsworld x Male Reader Smutshots (Requests Open) by JayIsGay69420
Eddsworld x Male Reader JayIsGay69420
The first chapter sums up the Smut shot rules. Request anything you want, as long as it's Eddsworld related.
  • ẻw
  • tomxreader
  • tord
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bittersweet | matt holt × reader by lonelyspacegays
bittersweet | matt holt × readerby lonelyspacegays
he still remembered her, even after all this time. the memories were so happy, like the taste of those strawberry candies that she would make. yet they were painful to t...
  • space
  • vldxreader
  • mattholt
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(Matt (Eddsworld) X Reader) A new life by JustaJunkratmain
(Matt (Eddsworld) X Reader) A Cookie Crumbz
As you and your fiancé, Matthew, move away from your old house with your old roommates, Edd, Tom and Tord, you two have to make new memories. Hopefully good memories cou...
  • eddsworld
  • love
  • depression
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Matt Holt x Reader (voltron) by Zoe_spingle
Matt Holt x Reader (voltron)by Zoe_spingle
This story is of Matt Falling in love with his best friend who is you you're also Keith's younger sister And I'm going to add OCs so sorry it also starts in sixth grade
  • mattholt
  • mattxreader
 True love.   Matt x reader * Complete *  by kayaberryy
True love. Matt x reader * Kayaberryy
Hi this is my first book ever sooooo it might suck.
  • eddsworld
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  • wattys2018