an old friend?

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L sat shocked at what he jist witnessed like everyine else in the room. They watched on the moniter as luna started cleaning up. She took atention to the smallest details. As though shed done it before.

Her mother woke up and asked her about the gunshots. When she had explained about the two men she jisted stared at her for a couple minites before bringing her into a bone crushing hug. "Thats my girl,get rid of everything?" Luna nodded in earnest "yes mama" she smiled.

Life continued at the murder house as usual but one night while luna was in the shower a man broke in.

He had black hair,pale burnt skin and red eyes. Luna heard him conein she slowly turned the water off, andgot out wrapping herself in a towel. She grabbed her haorbrush twisted the handle and retrieved a knife. She walked out.

When she saw the man her hands fell to her side,the knife clattering as it hit the ground. The towel lay next to it.
The man raised an eyebrow.

Suddenely she ran at the man takleing him. Sje was crying and squezzing him. He didnt seem affected by the naked women hugging him.

"Hello rose ive missed you" he said still cuddleing her.

"I dont go by that anymore"

"Oh? Then what do you go by?"

"Luna tsumi shinonai"

He laughed. " I like that"

" you know.... ive missed you to..................B"she said looking up into his eyes.

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