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L sighed. "Alright rose, may I call you that?, I'm sorry but I suspect you of being Kira and--"
"And you have to put me in solitary confinement cut off from the world to see if Kira keeps killing right? And yeah you can. On one condition, you put me in a straight jacket. The last time I was in solitary confinement was at an insane asylum and that's where Luna came to be. I don't want her to hurt you."
L nodded. "Very well"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~day one~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Rose was holding up very well. In fact she was talking to L like normal talking about everything except important things.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~day two~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Again nothing of importance.
~~~~~~~~~week three~~~~~~~~~~~
Rose has started talking to herself.
~~~~~~~week four~~~~~~~~
Rose has started singing.
"Hey L, I wrote this before I went insane in that asylum, I suppose I should sing it now since you're watching and I feel myself slipping. "
" oh can you tell me, can you tell me the way that this should work?, just who's inside of me the monster pulling strings?" She sung, her voice soft as a summer wind. She tilted her head as though she was actually asking L.
"I'm broken, lying helpless dying surrounded by the world. You stare and laugh with me when you don't see a thing." She laughed.
"I'm damaged now. And I'm breaking down, unraveled and can't breath. The truth I seek never felt so bleak. I feel a drop in degrees, freeze." She spoke the last word as a command, which most of the team obeyed.
"So breakable, unbreakable, so shakeable, unshakeable, was shaken up when I found you." Tears were now threatening to escape her eyes, although they didn't see this because of the blindfold.

"I'm standing here watching the world as it falls around me, you're so close but I hope that you stop searching, I don't want you to foresee what I've become. So please stop looking. I don't wanna hurt you it's not my nature, a monsters born I'm fading more can't be your saviour." The tears were now streaming freely down her face.
"I'm falling victim remember the old me, that's who I still should be."

"The endless pain of solitude wraps tight around my fortitude. Those memories inside of me innocently they pierce through." She spoke the word innocently sarcastically with hate filling her voice.
"I can't escape I can't escape I can't escape I can't escape I can't escape, I can't escape this unraveled goal. She was on the brink of yelling instead of singing.
"There's something deep inside of me, a change was made I can't break free, the darkness and the light collide, our fate ahead can't be denied, so shakeable unshakeable so breakable unbreakable. THESE DIRTY HANDS KNOW THEY WONT TOUCH YOU"
Her singing gave way to screaming. Her screams weren't human they were that of a dying animal. Suddenly her screams gave way to laughter.
"Kya hahahahaha, pathetic, thinking she could hold out that long really."
L spoke into the mic" who are you?"
"Oh what silly question to ask, I'm rose of course. But then again I'm not. I'm Luna. I stand for her insanity when you see me she is gone when you see her I'm not gone only....locked away until I break free. It's very interesting how her mind works. The only way to really get rid of me is to be around someone she knew before the insanity. As for how she became insane......well........ Kodomo has an interesting way of teaching, and ten months of complete solitude didn't help. Kyahahahaha. You know I don't really like being stared at so let's play a game. An old game. A child's game. Hide and seek. You're it." With this speech in the unfamiliar and uneasily sugary voice she disappeared.

L sat in shock, while everyone else was creaking out.
"What are tall freaking out about she's right there" Matt said pointing to the screen.
"Matthew, when you searched her house what did you find?" L asked matt.

"Nothing special, clothes....toys........................a couple of black notebooks."

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