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She laughed and tackled L. She stood up still holding him down. She had quite the muscle for such a small girl. She stepped on his arm with one foot the other foot holding L down. She reached down and took his hand in hers....... then she pulled.

The air filled with a scream of pain and a loud unsettleing SNAP.

she, with her bare arms, had broken Ls arm.

When the snap resonated around the room it was like she awoken. Her eyes were clouded and then clear. They widened as they saw the unnatural bent shap of his arm.
"No, no. L im.....I didn't. so.... let me help" her voice was soft like velvet at first growing in crescendo until she was practically screaming for her to help him.
She got this look of determination on her face that would look terrefying if you knew her....even if you didnt know she was a sadistic insane murderer. 
She turned and walked down the hall a ways and then brought her leg up to knee height and brung it down full force. The wood splintered beneath her feet. She quickly pulled two of the planks up. She ran over to L who had sat up stareibg at her.

"Dont worry ive sone this plenty of times, never on another person though.....oh well"

She quickly took the two peices and place thwm on either side of his arm. She then ripped a fair amount of clothe from her shirt. "Hold still this is gonna hurt like a bitch"
She set his arm back in place. He responded with a grunt of pain.
She then took the clothe and wrapped it around the wood to make a makeshift cast.

"There all better" she said nervously. Then she sighed." Look L im sorry I really am."

"You werent you I forgive you although you will have to feed me sweets im really just glad you're back and if all it takes is a broken arm then ill gladly pay it." he pulled her into a one armed hug.
~~~~~tineskip brought by fluff/suspense or whatever the hell that was~~~~
"Hey luna I have a question" matsuda asked rose timidly.

"Yeah? And call me rose"

"Thoose stitches they don't look like stitches for injury what are they for?"

"Huh, oh they're body stitches most people get them for looks but I got them as a reminder"

"What the hell could you  need reminding  for? According to L you have a perfect recall memory." Mello butted in (hehehehehehehhe butt hehehe).

"I do, and im glad you asked. The stitches on my arms remind me of how many times ive reached for help and no one help me. The ones on my chest remind me of how many times ive been heartbroken. The ones on my eyes represent the tears ive shed that no one cared for. The ones on my throat and mouth remind me of hiw many times ive called for help and none did. And the ones on my feet show how many times ive tried to run but never could." She finished her speech after pointing to each set of stitches in turn.

"Who on earth would do that many on an 19 year old" aizawa asked stunned

"Oh. I did them myself.............when I was 12" she said sheepishly looking down.

"So you made up all that stuff about the meanings behind them?" Mello asked understandably.

The look she gave him would kill him. It was a blood chilling look much scarier than any theyve seen. "You are implying that I am a liar?" Every word had been chosen carefully as though she were trying not to bite his face off.

"No, im telling you. You lied" mello spat back. Extenuating the last word.

She had tackled him. Adn bent down into his ear whispering. "Listen here asshat im the one peraon here you shouldnt cross. I can and will skin you alive."

Then she stood up and in a cold haunting tone spoke. "Im not a liar. Rule number four of kodomo. No lies." She said absentmindingly touch a large scar on her stomach.

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