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"I do believe I should let miss out..." L said bluntly.
"WAIT! Misa has been in confinement all this time!?!" Aizawa demanded.

"Well naturally I had to prove she had no contact with our new suspect."
~~~~~later after miss is excerpted out y'all remember that when 'oh so does ryuzaki swing that way' yep this is right after she is pushed out~~~~~~
"Light do you think that you could pretend to be in a relationship with misa?"
"No, manipulating a persons feeling is just outright evil!"
"You know it's a shame she ain't a lesbi I could defiantly 'persuade' her." Spoke rose from the corner. She had been there before anyone else, except l of course. She was wrapped in a quilt hiding her body completely except for her face. Basically she looked like a human caterpillar, except less graceful.

"Yeah like you could seduce anyone" spoke Matt from his chair.
"You shouldn't have said that." L spoke up
"Hmm why l?" Near asked him
"Because miss rose has proved to me she will do anything within her power to prove someone else wrong"

"Oh really? Well then why don't I try to seduce you?" Rose yelled from her blanket fort.
"Go head not gonna work"
"I don't mean emotionally I mean physically by the way" she smirked.

She stood up shaking the blanket off.
Under neath the blanket she was wearing a small light blue nightgown, if you could call it that. It barely went mid thigh and emphasised her chest. At this sight a couple of investigators looked away, and mello elbowed Matt and gave an approving nod.
She smirked and got down on all fours. She crawled over to Matt like a cat would. She then stood up and leaned down and planted her lips on his. Matt responded almost immediately. He nipped at her lips asking for entrance. She denied. He squeezed her exposed thigh which caused her to gasp. He took this chance to slide his tongue in her mouth. She slowly and deliberately sat her self down on his lap wrapping her legs around his waist. he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her tight. She tangled her hands in her hair.He ran his hands up and down her legs and she had moved her hands under his shirt and onto his chest. He had moved his lips to her neck he had quickly found her sweet spot and caused her to moan.

To everyone else it seemed as though they'd strip and commit the deed right here.

Then she pulled away. With a sly smile "I think I've succeed in making my point."

"Yeah yeah your right your kinda good at this but then again if I was being interrogated and you walked in and offered this I'd sing like a bluejay. How did you get so good at this anyway?"

"I don't kiss and tell oh and by the way you are a great kisser I actually kinda enjoyed that. " she said as she started to stand up.

Matt pulled her down and turned her so that her back was to his chest.

"Don't think after that I'm letting you get away that easy"

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