A new suspect

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"Aww so I guess that we're back to square one again huh?" Matsuda groaned.
"Not necessarily " L assured him.
"Wait you had another suspect!?!" Light exclaimed in anger.
"Yes but I had already deemed them not Kira but now that I think about it it seems more likely..." L drifted off.
"WHY HAVENT WE OBSERVED THEM YOURE THE ONE WHOS ALL ABOUT CONSIDERING EVERY OPTION!" Light yelled. (Man he's pissed at being considered Kira isn't he? (Btw I'm laughing my ass of at my own joke..... I need friends*cue single tear*))
"I had already deemed them innocent,well as innocent as they can be..."
"For what reasons?" Sochiro(hoped I spelled it right) asked.
"One, this particular person would not have made any where near as many mistakes as Kira has, two they have no real sense of justice more as though it's a person outside looking in, and lastly if this one person was Kira I would be dead by now." L finished signifying each reason with a single finger. He didn't even notice their surprise. 'Wait the person he suspects knows his real name?' Was the one though racing through every ones mind.
" however if we are to investigate this person I need to call in a few people."
"That's fine as long as we catch this bastard" a couple voices replied.
"Good I thought we'd have to convince you and I'm not one to waste time like that." A voice called out from behind them. There in the entrance were three people. One had yellow orange goggles on top of red hair,a striped shirt with a beige vest, and a psp in his hand. "Matt" he said it seems as though he was a laid back kinda guy.
The person next to him had shoulder length blonde hair, a leather vest and pants, he had chocolate bars sticking out his pocket. "Mello." He sounded as though he had better things to do. He was the one who had spoken first.
and the one that probably stuck out most amongst them, probably because of the distance between the two boys and this one or maybe because of the death glare being given by mello to him, was a little boy that seemed To be only about 14-16, he had white hair and clothes, and grey eyes it was pretty clear he was an albino. He had a bunch of toys in his arms. " I am near ." He was just as monotone as L.
"Alright watari, turn on the cameras." L said turning back to the screen.
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