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"Oi L! Me and mello are gonna go buy some chocolate want anything?"

"Bring me back anything sweet"

"Of course"

Rose walked out with mello and down the street. She likes to walk and had managed to talk him into it. As they walked they passed a bunch of guys who started wolf whistling.

'Damn with an ass like that I'd have a lot of fun at night'

'Hey girl let me get your number'

Rose was annoyed and mello grabbed her hand. Her eyes widened barely enough for mello to notice let alone the guys and she looked at him shifting her eyes. It didnt stop the cat calling though. She sighed lightly and smiled. She grabbed mello by his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. The guys groaned and walked away. When she was sure they were gone she pulled away. She noticed that mello was blushing.

"Awww mello was that your first kiss?!"

"No" he said blushing harder.

She laughed and grabbed his hand pulling him along to the sweets shop.

After they had bought out at least half the store rose looked at mello.


"Can you teach me?"

"Teach you what your intellect is higher than nears we are equals."

"Wow egotistical much? But no I wanna learn how to shoot a gun" Rose laugh happily.

Oh yeah the first time she shot a gun was to kill those two guys. She seems happy enough considering what shes asking...


"Boo" Rose yelled punching mello lightly in the arm.

"What ever I'm not getting my ass chewed out cause you shot yourself in the foot or something"

They walked along a bit with out speaking.

"Hey mello?"


"How do you think he's doing it?"

"What? Who's doin' wha- oh" mello trailed off as he realized what she was asking he then spent the nest few minutes lost in thought

"To be completely honest I have no idea but its almost as if he has god on his side"

"You honestly think that God would side with a murderer?"

Mello smirked "yeah it'd have to be a really messed up god to side with a murderer"

"Almost as twisted as a god of death" rose laughed in response.

They had reached the building mello grabbed roses arm before she pushed the door open.

"Tomorrow. 3:00. In the after noon. I'll take you to a place I know. I'll teach you there."

"YAY!" Rose whisper-yelled hugging mello. "Thanks marsh-mello"

"Don't call me that."

"Aye-aye captain marsh-mello" she said saluting him.

"Watch it..."

"Or what you'll shoot me?"

"L would kill me"

"Which is why I have the advantage"

They pushed open the door and walked in.

(So what do you think should I continue with the mello plot or just drop it? Also I apologize if anyone is ooc (out of character) and also I apologize for typos. I especially apologize for the delay it took me a while to write this chapter anyways love you guys keep reading peace out waffles)

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