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I sighed and walked away from the mess that was playing before me. I walked down the hall to the stairs. Floor 2 that's where I was. Of course I want actually on floor two. L had mixed the numbers so intruders wouldn't be able to find the way around that easily. I have to get to ground  level. I have training to do. 

~~time skip~~

I wonder what he'll have me do today. I mean, I'm just the fail safe. It's not as if I actually need to know any of this. I think to myself as I walk down the street. I feel something like me in the back. 

"Is that a weapon or are you happy to see me?" I ask sarcastically to the assailant. 

"I don't know sugar why dont you turn around and find out?" The voice responded. 

I turn and throw my arms around the familiar form. His tall lanky build, his pale skin, ebony hair, and blood shot eyes. He smiles at me and hugs me back placing a kiss upon my lips. 

"Hello lovely, I thought your you'd be harder to sneak up on. Perhaps you need more practice?"

I shudder. Practice with him. It's exciting and terrifing at the same time. You never know what's going to set him off and because of that you never know when you get punished. 

"Maybe I saw your reflection in the store mirror just a couple blocks down and knew who it was already?"

He laughed. His laugh is so beautiful, very hard to describe. It's like music. I love to see him smile. I love to hear him laugh. I can't wait to train. 

"That's my princess, are you ready for training? Also, I heard your staying with the kids now." He spoke lightly, but there was an obvious disapproval in his voice. 

"You know it would only be more suspicious to turn down the offer. He had cameras and wiretaps in the house. Your lucky he hasn't started tracking you down. And of course I'm ready for training. When am I not?"

He smirked. "I can remember at least one time."

My cheeks flood red as I recall the lesson and what had happened afterward. 

"That's not fair. I've never been put in a situation like that before. It doesn't count." I stutter back my cheeks still aflame. 

"Given your response do we need to refresh the class?" He smirked as he grabbed my arm and spun me around pinning me to the wall. 

"Only in your dreams B. Now if you like I'd rather get training done for today." I say as a push him away lightly. It works. He gets the hint and backs off. He's good like that. He knows his boundaries. 

We walk in silence for a while until he grabs my hand. I looked at him with questioning eyes. That is until I see them. Three of them to be exact. Two girls and one guy. All three of them checking B out. I understand. I squeeze his hand and swing our arms until we pass. 

I understand that Beyond  is attractive. Many of the kids and L himself refuse to admit it, writing him off as a weird looking alien type man. That simply isn't true. I know him better than they do. He Is actually incredibly attractive. He usually puts in effort to make himself look out if place. If he could replace one thing it would be his looks. He looks incredible and he hates it. He prefers people to be scared of him instead of ghawking at him. It's a weird desire but I leave it be. 

"Alright, we're here." he lets go of my hand and pulls out chalk from his pocket.

I look around. We're in an abandoned building. Training usually happens in places like these. The room is barely lit by closed blinds. Dust covers everything, and plants cover the walls. I sigh and take a broom and start to sweep a space out.

Beyond starts drawing on the ground with the chalk. A familiar circle with runes in it. He reaches into the bag he brought with him and takes out  the candles and sets them up as well. He sits in the circle and I sit across from him.

"Alright, relax and let me take control. You'll have to learn to do it yourself but since your not too good at it I'll help you for now"

I sigh and close my eyes. Beyond places his hands on my forearms. I breath in and out repeatedly. The feeling of Being watched floods over me. I panic but soon calm. I feel relaxed and my thoughts slow, as if I were on anesthesia. I relax further allowing beyond to take control fully. I relax as I feel his mind flood into mine. 

I see the barren wasteland ahead of me. Beyond stands beside me. He looks like a ghost I'm sure I look the same. We always do. We look out of place, mainly because we are. We do not belong here. We never have. We walk silently up to the large looming building ahead of us. Not bothering with the guards. They know  us already. We see the king. We bow.  We receive our assignments. It's the same as always. We walk back to the spot we came in. A large round dial, slightly above ground level. It is painted silver with gold surrounding the circumference. We stand in the dial like always. We turn to each other and place our hand together. 

I groggily open my eyes. I feel so tired. I always do after training. I feel beyond retreat from my head. It's like peeling a face mask off. It hurts but you feel fresh and new afterwards. I sigh as I feel the familiar head ache come.

"So, being that you live with the boys now. I'm guessing that I don't have backup anymore?"

"Well duh, I'm surprised I was able to leave long enough to do this. Honestly Im surprised I got out of the building" 

"Yeah, that's L. But I'm not surprised. You always were smarter than him. I'm any case I'll clean up here and finish the list. You get in back to headquarters."

I nod and hug him before leaving. I walk down the road when it hits me. 

                             I was supposed to train with mello today. 

(Hello my lovelies. Surprise I'm back bitches. I'm not dead YAY. But I finally got motivated enough to update. After forever. I know I know. I'm sorry I left you guys hanging for so long. But hey my writings better so that's a plus. I love you guys and be sure to give feedback and ask questions if you dont understand something. Also don't be afraid to message me)

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