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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~three weeks later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"I've had watari change the positions of the cameras, I've also had Matt search the house. Also here is the basic information of shinonai-kun. " l spoke to the group gathered around him. The stack of papers watari placed on the table said :
Name: Luna tsumi shinonai
Race: Japanese , American, British,Irish,German,etc.
Hair color:white ;natural unknown.
Skin color: porcelain
Eye color :unknown currently blue
Iq: 270
Bio: Luna used to live in the orphanage wammys house, however since it was an orphanage strictly for males she was moved to Kodomo., a Japanese orphanage, at the age of 8, she stayed there for 8 years before getting adopted by a women named yokayto ashi . She currently lives in the kanto region of Japan. She attends to-oh university, and scored number two in scores with a 99.99% score. She is very cheerful and childlike, being often found playing with children and their toys. She interns at yotsuba. She has a no record of criminal history, although she was the main suspect of a hacked sports game screen which showed graphs of recorded data from banks that had committed major fraud. She has helped with many cases over the world. Her Alias is unknown.

"So wait she used to live at wammy's ?" Mello asked l under his breath ensuring that they were they only ones who could hear. " yes, actually she lived there when I was learning." L stated.

"WAIT, she attends to-oh?!, how come I've never seen her!?!" Light asked in incredulously.

"Poor observation skills I suppose in fact she sits three seats down from you, I often catch her starting at you deep in thought" l stated as if this was the norm, which, for him, probably was.
{back at Luna's house}
Luna went inside after feeding her pet dogs. "God they're adorable but Man they are a handful." She said stretching, exposing her stomach. "Alright so I need to cook and wash up. " she stated as she gathered the cans and started making microwaveable dinner. "While that cooks I'm going to get shower" she ran to her room. She was quick and silent. She gathers her clothes and turned to walk out. "Huh? What's that LV? It's not safe here? Psh. Course it is I've checked, no cameras. Yes I'm very aware of that. Can you please just let me wash up?" She walked to the bathroom and started undressing.
{with l }
"You can't possibly allow them to see her naked!" Aizawa yelled at L
"It will be okay" l assured him.
"Dang it " a couple of voices called out from the corner.
The woman had finished undressing to reveal....... Pixels.

"You didn't think I'd allow hormonal teenagers to see my childhood friend naked did you? The cameras pick up on nudeity and cover it" l stated. What it didn't cover, however, were the scars. She had multiple scars running across her back, and stomach. They were placed so that no mater what she wore they wouldn't show. The most prominent one might have been the large R on her back. It was hideous. It looked as though it had been carved over many times. It also took up her entire back. She stepped into the shower and started washing.

"Um L? Who's LV?" Light piped up once he was sure the tension had fallen.

"When we were little me and Luna had little to no friends in fact I believe it was only us. Luna was an optimist, much like she is now, so instead of saying she only had one friend she created a new one. An imaginary friend, if you will, she called it LV. LV stands for 'little voice' as she said that its voice was strange. I didn't think she would keep him this long though"
{back to Luna}
She sat in her chair and ate. However, when she did this it made the team notice a few things. One, she was sitting exactly like L. Two, she was eating sweets. Three, there was only one bowl of actual food. And four,this was the first time they'd seen her eat. She stretched and went to bed. The mother came home ate and went to bed also.

At approximately 11:37 two men broke into the house.

They went around with large bags stuffing everything of value in. Luna however was awake. She had woken up as soon as they broke in. The two men open the door to her room. She quickly stood up wielding a gun. "Out." She commanded her voice no longer nice and sweet but cool, calculating, and threatening.
"Hey a pretty girl like you shouldn't be holding a gun" one of the men commented laughing. She turned the safety off.
"Wait a minute, you've never shot anyone before!" The other man laughed as he studied her face.
"S-shut up " she spoke blushing.

"Oh my god that's adorable, people would pay a lot for adorable. Get her Jim." The man spoke to his accomplice.
Jim rushed towards her she ducked and he fell into the floor she placed the gun at the side of his skull. "I said out, you wouldn't want Jim to die, now would you?" She said the smirk on her face prominent.

"Tch. Go head, not like your gonna actually--"


Jim slumped to the floor brains scattered everywhere.

"Jist because ive never shot a gun doesn't mean ive never killed anyone before"

She stood up, but she was different, the look in her eyes changed. It looked very much like she was insane.
"Can you please be a good boy and leave?" She said her voice sweet, too sweet, almost as though she were mocking him. Then she ran at him. Her style of running had changed. No longer was it graceful and loving, but feral and dark. Like that of an animal. She ran her arms limp and dangling at her side. She tackled him and place the gun inside his mouth.
"Aww now now what would KIRA think?" She clucked as though disappointed in him. He shook his head fervently eyes wide begging her to stop. "You want me to stop?" She questioned her face soft and compassionate. He nodded. "Oh but where's the fun in that?"


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