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I realized near hasnt been In this story alot and I feel like Its a dissapointment to those near fans like myself so heres a happy chapter kinda dedicated to near sorry If any charecters are ooc) It was 3:00 in the morning everyone was asleep except L and near who was in the corner playing with his toys.

"L. Do you you have feelings for rose?"

"Hmm? I see her as a very close friend why?"

"Just asking besides I figured if anyone liked her it would be you because you've known her longest. Speaking of which what was she like when she was at wammys?"

"Oh god. She was energetic, bright, optimistic and all around cheerful even though she didnt actually have any friends other than me. I belive because I was so close to her It ostracized her. But then again whenever she was teased about it she would just reply 'at least he likes me he basically hates all of you ' then she would cross her arms and pout. I got in quite a lot of trouble because of her. She loved adventure anf would drag me along whether or not I wanted to come along or not. Still she was my only friend I was actually kinda sad when she left." L said stareing unbeknownst to near at rose's room through the cameras.

"Wow... she sounds like a nice person but when did 'L.V.' first appear? "

"When she was six I believe. She ran up to me talking about a creature with red eyes like blood or like b.b.'s and a large smile. She said he could fly high. High. High. And that he said to call him l.v for loving voice. Because he was her new friend. I wrote it off as simply childs imagination at the time but now that I think about it it seems very interesting he has stayed till now. "

Near nodded and stood up. L looked at him. "Where are you going?"

"You have cameras everywhere you'll soon see. "

Near walked up the stairs until he reached room 221b. He reached out an arm a rapped his knuckles against the door. While waiting he sat on the wall across the door.

Rose shot up in bed the sudden noise waking her. She groamed and stood up walking to the door. She opened it and looked out. "Ooh hey little dude. Why are you sotting on the floor?" She asked near.

Near blantently ignored the fact that she wasn't wearing pants and answerd"I dont have anyone to play with."

"Oh ill play with you little man" she said reaching out a hand near grabed it and she helped him up. Near noticed that her hands were smooth but hardened and rough like she had worked most her life.
They walked downstairs chatting the entire way. "NO WAY you like sherlock too!I though I was the only one in here with some actually taste in fandoms thats awesome" rose exclaimed.

"I like watson the way hes willing to do anything for sherlock because of the friendship between them (a/n I soooo ship johnlock XD) in fact I kinda envy it "

"Hey dont worry I'm here for you " she daid rubbibg his head messing up his hair even worse that it already was.

"You know I heard that comment about taste" L said when they entered the room


L sighed "and nothing argueing with you would get nowhere"

"Exactamundo! So where are the toys?" She asked enthusiasticly fist pumping the air.

Soon they were playing superhero.
"Help me help dearest ab"

"I keep telling you my superheros name isnt albino boy " near yelled laughing

"If yours isnt albino boy mine cant be insane girl!" She yelled back

"Fine you'll be....invisagirl! Since you can go invisable. And I'll be smarticus the brains of kanto "

"Wait wait waot wait. Firts off Im the brains of kanto secondly I can go invisable?"

"Yeah you didnt know?"

"No idea cool!"

The conversation kept on until sunrise when they both fell asleep.

Misa misa walked in looking fir light.

"AWW OMG YOU TWO ARE ADORABLE!" She yeled when she saw them. Rose had fallen asleep and near had unconsciously wrapped his arms around her protectivly with his head on her stomach. Rose looked at misa and told her to shut up while giving her a very lewd hand sign. "Hes still asleep you idiot" just the he woke up and stretched.

"Thanks for playong with me rose" he said the slightest blush on his face for how they fell asleep together.

"No problem little dude." She said hugging him

"Are we friends?"

"Yeah friends" he said smiling.
However that was when near realized maybe he didnt want to kust be friends with rose but if he had to it was enough he really just wamted her happy.

"So you played with near last night? Oh I knew you to would be adorable together and wow he works fast for a kid!"

Rose slapped misa "it wasn't like that beaides you only thinks he moves fast cause your boyfriend has no intrest in you."


"Its six in the morning what?"
After misa explained light sighed.

"Im not your boyfriend and im goibg to bed"

"Ehhh? Wait come back of course your my boyfriend it was love at first sight!"

Light close the door and a slight click cpuld be heard meaning he had locked the door there was also loyd thumps like misa was hitting the door.

Rose sighed 'its gonna be one of thoose days huh?'

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