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(Inspiration for character btw you have the same stitches plus more)
The sight that welcomed them shocked and disgusted the investigation team.
It shocked them in such a way because of the young lady. The young lady had waist length white hair(it's dyed) pale skin, and blue eyes, however her eyes were off as though she were wearing contacts. She was wearing a black tank top with spaghetti straps, and yoga pants. However that wasn't what shocked them, what shocked them were the stitches. Red stitches going in spirals down her arms two red stitches on the corner of her lip, and eye, two lines of them trailing down her neck into her shirt.
The sight that disgusted them was that said women was cowering in the upward fetal position being beaten by an older women. The older women had brown short hair and the skin of someone who worked outside quite a bit. The older women was calling the white haired beauty a "good for nothing whore" among other things.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~day one~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The young lady came home around 4:00 she ran to her room to get her clothes. The way she ran was graceful and quick. Almost as though she were built for speed.
{meanwhile in the place thing that l and corporation are}
"You can possibly allow a child to see this!" Aizawa shouted at l
"Actually I am 17 " the young albino spoke up.
"Still we can not allow young men such as these to view a suspect in such a manner!" Aizawa argued.
"Actually, in my experience with miss. Luna, she would have invited said 'young men' into the shower with her" l responded.
"So she is a slut" one of the members spoke out (I didn't want to make any one guy seem like an asshole)
"No, just lacking in morals, besides I don believe that she's ever engaged in any sexual activities before" l said eyeing the cake in front of him.
"So a virgin, with no morals? Man that would be fun" Matt chuckled.
Everyone choose to ignore that.
{back in Luna's house}
Luna rushed into the bathroom and before undressing started walking around the large bathroom. 'What is she doing 'wondered the investigation team. Suddenly she smiled. "So, L, 17 cameras and 32 wiretaps in the bathroom? You haven't changed your still as perverted as when we were children! Well I assume that in thIs case you are not working alone and I don't really feel comfortable showing my body without seeing a face or two, so I a have to get rid of the cameras do Ya mind?" Silence. The room containing the investigation team was silent. Then suddenly "HOW THE HELL DID SHE KNOW THAT?!?" Mello screamed. "She's smart in fact, if she were in on our little bet she would've won." L put simply. Of course only Matt near and mello knew what this meant, either she was a sucssor gone wrong or she was trained alongside L. The latter being more true but not quite. "Kk thanks!" She smiled into the camera. "Don't worry i won't get rid of the other ones unless mama says so!" She quickly removed all the cameras from the bathroom and shut the door cutting off their view of her.
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