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"Watari please get me two earpieces" L asked his butler, it was clear he had a plan in mind.
Watari brung him his earpieces. L gave Matt one and placed the other in his ear.
"She should not be able to detect the earpiece s and if she does I am much stronger than her." L assured his teammates.
"So basically you are going to tell me if I am in the room with her you are going to be my eyes, is that clear Matthew?"

"Hey hey I'm not as big an idiot as these japs."


"Learn to take a joke"

L calmed everyone down by reminding them about the stakes that this certain circumstance provided.
He left the room. The team sat in amazement at how well Matt and L worked together.
"Left, straight, third door to the left, your left" Matt said,.
it seemed he was rather bored with it all. Mello knew the truth, you could only hear it if you knew matt, there was a hint of excitement in his voice.

Suddenly L flew backwards into the wall.
After a brief moment Luna appeared out of thin air.
"Kyahahahahha, wow you really are an idiot, especially for a 'genius'. Did you really think I wouldn't know?" She tilted her head as she asked him her laughter fake like b's (a/n if you've ever read another note you will understand).
She sighed and walked up to L who had already stood up.

"You cheated~~~" she said in a singsong voice.

"I took in the situation and used an Ally to my advantage"

"Then should I do the same?"
She had laughed and punched him in the gut.
He doubled over.
"You know you weren't a big part of her life, like B was. You were just an unobtainable goal, nothing more than a dream she couldn't conquer. If you really want her back then you have to accept that and not let your emotions get in the way. That is the first rule of Kodomo, no emotion." She mimicked a teacher giving her student a hard talking to.

"If I may ask what are you talking about?" L asked he had gotten over the surprisingly strong punch to the stomach.

She laughed. "I am teaching you like she was taught. You wonder why she is insane, no I should say you wonder why I exist, I exist because she couldn't accept her reality, I suppose if she came to terms with it I would disappear. However that's not possible considering kodomos rules."
"May I have an answer to my question?"

"Rule number two, don't question mother or father, or any authority," she spoke eyes closed shaking her head slightly.

"Please an explanation is in order in my opinion."

"Rule number three, your opinion doesn't matter. You have broken the second rule, you shall be punished"

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