Chapter 2- Yn Blushed

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You were tired of walking to the park and head home.

Theres is an upcoming festival and you know its a big one. You and your mother used to attend one to bond and wears kimono to celebrate the festival.

---the day of festival August 3.

You decided to wear a yellow floral kimono. You didnt put your hair up. You dont like it on a bun.

You and your mother is walking thru crowded place. Looking and buying cute souvenirs.

While you are drinking the juice you bought from one of the vendors at the festival, your mother said she will go in the temple to pray. It ussually took 40 mins or an hour so you decided to not tag along and meet her on the same spot after.

While you were walking you saw your brother with her girlfriend. Hinata is her long time girlfriend, she is sweet and polite. You signed' thinking your brother doesnt deserve her,.JK.

You dont have anything to do for now so you decided to stalk them. A little do you know you will witness a lot of violence and unexpected things tonight.

After 5 minutes of stalking. You saw hinata but not with your brother. Then, it starts to rain. You saw the worry on hinata's face. Like something bad happened. You run towards her and asked her where your brother was. She said she doesnt know then you started to run from the opposite direction to look for him. 'something doesnt feel right, brother! Where are you' you thought.

While running towards the park you saw a lot of motorbikes and when you got closer your jaw dropped from the what you witness. A group of gang are fighting. You are shocked and couldnt move. When you turn your head you saw your brother carrying that tall guy from last day and he seem to be in a critical conditions and injured. You were about to run towards him when a male suddenly fell down unto you.

He is bathing on his own blood coming from his mouth and nose. You pushed him away so you can stand. But, when you look towards to see your brother is not there anymore.

You are wet from the rain, blood on your kimono and you still are super scared.

You look around to see a lot of male fighting and surrounding you.

You tried to escape the fighting crowd but someone pull you. When you look towards that hands owner you are staring at a tall guy laughing like he has mental problem with black hair and blond on the middle with his yellow eyes. "Hello there babe".

He smirks a few times while looking at you. Getting closer and closer, you can feel his warm breath on your face. He held your chin and forcing you to look up to him.

You straggle to fight his hands and looked at him but then you failed. He leans closer "you dont belong here".

"i know, im trying to get away from here so let me go dumbass!" you exclaimed while still struggling to get out of his grip.

It cant be helped, as he is too strong. He just stared at you admiring your face and not saying any words. He looked like he is enjoying himself.

You were about to lose hope when a sudden kick hit that guy from behind his head he fell to the ground and that made him let go of you too. You look at the person who did it and you were shocked to see the shrimp from the other day. He looks so pissed right now and incredibly strong as he can knock a guy out in just 1 kick.

He stared at you then shout.

"Hey! Get out of here. "! While beating up some guys wearing white uniform.

You nodded and quickly run when you saw an open space. Then looked back at him to see him for the last time before you completely leave. You couldnt believe what you saw. He is staring at you too. You quickly turn around and you can feel heat rising from your cheeks. You were blushing!.

'why am i blushing?!, and my heartbeat is raising'

You run as fast as you can. You didnt stop until you felt the safety around you.

You then realize you have to find your brother. But, your mother must be waiting for you. You went to the meeting place first then telling your mother that you have to find your brother.

you realize that they must have been to the hospital as he is carrying a wounded friend earlier.

You quickly ride a taxi and went to the hospital. You were right! He was there.


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