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His eyes were focused sharp on the file and i don't know how or why my heart beat started raising. He raised his face from the file and asked me what was I still doing there. Seeing my confused look he asked me to go continue my work.

Out of fear without uttering a word I walked out. My head started aching so I went to the cafe for a refreshing coffee. I felt much better after I had coffee. I went back to my desk and started my work.

I had got a mail from my editor which says you have to complete all your work and only then go home. I looked around me and found no one. Was this guy kidding me? how could i do these many things in just a few hours. I understood this was my punishment for coming late. He scolding me would be hundred times better than the work I had to complete.

I just asked all the thoughts in my brain to shut up! I concentrated on my work so much and completed 2 tasks. I saw the time ticking away fast so I continued with my work. After a period of time I noticed that someon was patting on the shoulder and when I looked up it was Clara my friend a journalist too. She came to call me for lunch. We usually hangout in office.

I denied her but without caring one word of mine she puled me out og my chair. I said fine and went for lunh. The table we sat on was shared with 4 other people. Drek started a talk and it was all about  the crazy editor. By the way his name is James Dornan! I was so disgusted with the hot talk about him so I excused myself from ther and returned to my desk for completing the tasks. There was hardly anyone in the room as most of them were out for lunch. I looked back to the cabin and I sighted him there writing something.

I just wanted to go to him and  yell  Y the hell did he give me that punishment. I controlled my thoughts saying after all he's my head and I didn't want to risk my job.

I gathered courage and got up from my seat and started walking towards his cabin. I went in after taking permission. He didn't even take any efforts to look at me. Didn't give damn about it and I opened my mouth and said sir! 

Without any time he looked at me and said Ms. and paused he didnt remember my name.. Oh! maybe didn't even know it.. so I said Tia stilton.He grinned and continued so Ms. Stilton if you have come here to speak about the punishment better don't I'm gonna not change any.

I just glared at him with my eyes open. Goodness he didn't see that. I just said sorry sir for coming late aand left his cabin and stomped back to my desk.

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