I was frustrated but quickly I came back to reality and I went back to work.Hours passed by and I was still left with half of my work. I generally leave office at 6:00 and now the time was 7:10 I was cursing myself for waking up late.

By now everyone left ..............I could count the people left in the office on my fingers. I started turning my head all around the room to count.......I said 1, 2, 3 ,4 and tried peeping here and there and 5th one was me.... oh! yes u can count the one in cabin tooo. That's it only we were there, I'm tired and can't do any more work. I was left with two, so I asked Clara to do one as she was waiting for me to finish. Okay I helped her many times before so she easily accepted. I forced myself in doing the last one.

In a span of 20 min we completed our work and I sent all the mails to Mr. Heartless. We sprang out of chairs and rushed down. It was raining...the weather was just perfect.. but the only deal was to get a taxi. Clara's phone rng seeing her excitement on her face ... I could make out it was her boyfriend. She was being picked up by him. 

These are the times I feel guily for not having a boyfriend or even a best guy buddy who'll prtect me.. my chain of thoughts were interrupted by Clara's bye. I smiled and waved her a bye. Today was the most unlucky day for me, half-an hour already passed by and 1 cab also didn't stop by me.

I could hear footsteps coming nearer to me I turned back and it was Mr. Heartless. To my surprise he came over to me asked if I wanted a lift. I was hesitant and after looking on to the road  for a while i turned my head towards him and noded.

I followed his steps to his car. Woah! He had a lavish dark blue car. We got inside and headed to the road. My thoughts were wondering if he was really heartless. Whatever few voices in my head said he deserved, to ride me back home. 

For the first time he openned his mouth in the car to ask me my address. Silence prevailed after I gave him the address. I badly wanted to go home ...I was hungry and sleepy.

On that note I realised I even had to cook after going home . So i took out my phone and ordered a pizza...so that it comes by the time I go home.

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