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I sat down properly he continued looking at me rather staring.... I was pink and embarrassed in front of everyone. He said the whole event will be taken care by me. Listening to this I started staring him. I guess all of them were looking at us. I directly asked him what did u mean by that sir...I was very polite.

He said that I would be taking pics and writing about the main event. I was amused and shocked when he added that he liked my previous work. Clara was assigned to organize the complete event. Everyone was told their work and each and every person was ready for this wonderful event. We had a span of seven days to do arrangements for our work. Mr. Heartless told me that we were going to that venue somewhere really close to Eiffel tower,  two days before the other staff. I was happy and felt proud of myself.

We went back to work and the first thing I planned was to reply him. As expected I got his reply.... it said he was happy with his name and called me smarty pants for that reason and about love he said that he was a flirt and would fall in love if he finds someone. This reply was weird.................

I replied him saying all about the office thingy and everything about Mr.Heartless. He was online so basically we were chatting. He replied saying woah that's great and asked me if I liked Mr. Heartlees. I wasn't shocked him asking me about it.... 'cuz by now we were really known to each other.

I replied him back saying I really don't know wht feeling I have towards Mr. Heartless. He replied saying you better figure out with a grin emoticon. I said gtg and switched off. I felt really good after chatting with him and I really wanted to meet him and get to know each other a little more.

Now, I went back to work and started organizing things needed for the event.

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