After snoozing the alarm for many times I finally woke up! Crap I'm late for office. I just picked up some random clothes white and black and got dressed. I was hungry but decided not to have any breakfast as i'm late and there isn't anyone to many for me.Yes, I stay alone in this flat and enjoy the peace.

I quickly came out took a taxi and asked him to drive me to William street 12 "Parisian Times". That's my office,I'm a journalist and a photographer who writes various articles on wildlife,food,exotic place and what not!! I was quite happy with my job as I get to travel to many places.

I got down and as soon as I entered the office I realized there's going to be a new editor ... my team head. Guess what i'm late the first day i've to meet him. I also had to submit my articles to him today.

I reached my desk and kept all my belongings there and took the files I had to give him.As I was walking towards his cabin I heard people talking about hi charming and breathtaking looks.I ignored all that and proceeded.

Praying not to get scolded I opened his cabin door and asked may I come in sir! His cabin was calm and he stood near the window with a file in his hand facing towards it. He asked me to come in with a stern voice! 

I went in and as soon as I saw him I was wonder stuck. Maybe 'cuz of his looks but the fact was he was soo young maybe 3-4 years elder to me and he's my senior,'editor'.

The first thing he asked me if I completed the articles with a blank expression. I said yes and gave him the file containing articles and related photographs.

I was just hoping he should like it and give an approval after all I worked hard.

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